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    Important Skyblock Wild West (Season 2)

    Why ruin pvp with suits or will they not work like on the other realms?
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    bad server

    I think the captcha is to stop people from afk grinding.
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    Pvp on reset (Gotham)

    Right now the other realms have a gapple cooldown for pvp and it has made pvp very fun. It would be great if this could be included with Gothams reset or added shortly after. This would make pvp fights not take forever as you can't just use fix and bring gapples. Thanks!
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    Crop Hoppers

    Western realm but im pretty sure on space to
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    Crop Hoppers

    Right now cactus overfill crop hoppers and we can't place more than 1. We should be able to place at least 2 per chunk. Thanks!
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    Silverfish Spawners [Skyblock Space]

    Right now silverfish Spawners are completely useless for making money with creepers and other spawners being much better. Silverfish should receive a big buff to rival the other spawners. Thanks
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    Enderman Spawners [Skyblock]

    It would be nice if enderpearls stacked to 64 instead of 16. Right now enderpearls fill up chests very fast and this would reduce the amount of chests necessary for a grinder. This wouldn't be a big buff to enderman but save time selling their loot. Thanks!
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    Envoys on Space

    I believe the envoy time should be reduced to every hour like on the other skyblock realms. The rewards already aren't the best but this would encourage more pvp.
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    I have been trying to grind tokens by killing blazes but they don't seem to drop very many. Does anybody know any better way to get them? Thanks!