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    Important VanityMC: Skyblock Fantasy (Season 1)

    This is soooo hype!! ty all devs and staff for bringing this experience back. gl everyone for is top and lets make this season a fun one!! btw do the cloaks and stuff that I bought on gotham transfer or will it be fresh start and you have to buy everything again?
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    Important VanityMC: The Global Skyblock Revamp

    Cant wait, I thought you guys were up to something :D
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    VanityMC: Prison Mythic (Season 1)

    multiplayer, add server,
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    Please add potion shop to Jungle Realm

    Recently pvp has been pretty hard since nobody has pots. All im asking is for pots to be added. Thanks -DrQuickDroqqed <3
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    Dogs or Cats?

    Dogs all the way
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    Mines in prison

    I honestly think they should just make mine a the same size as everything else. The point of donator mines is to have more valuable blocks, and give players a ranking up advantage, not give player a tokens advantage.
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    Make scamming a bannable offense

    I've been scammed multiple times, it happens, and you just have to go with it. You have your ups and downs. Just a piece of advice: dont trade everything you have or risk it
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    VanityMC: Prison Mythic (Season 1)

    Same as galactic, but the overflow of players problem will be solved guys :D. This is probably t'heir response to the overflow of players on galactic
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    Make a non-p2w prison server!

    The whole reason for the making of this server is for those who don't buy stuff on buycraft. If those people just hustle on over to the non-p2w realm it would be the same result. They still wouldnt buy anything, therefore it has no significant impact on the server. those who do want to go p2w...
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    "No cane no gain" -Craft on a prison server thread

    "No cane no gain" -Craft on a prison server thread
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    The server is always full!

    Thanks guys, I am now able to get online more often by trying out your strategies! Love the community!
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    Make a non-p2w prison server!

    My idea is that you guys should make a prison server that doesn't not have a store. This means no ranks, no monthly crates, no rank mines, no kits, etc.. This will make a fun experience for those who do not have the money to buy ranks or any other buycraft items. This realm will be purley based...
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    Important Prison Galactic: (Season 1) - $1,150 Weekly Payout

    I literally spent 1.5 hours yesterday running around trying to find it. Just make /warp cane plz
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    The server is always full!

    Recently, prison galactic was released. Me and many other people were excited about it, we were so eager to play it. But... As of now, there is an issue with the server being constantly full and having 200+ people in the queue, making it impossible for 3 and under ranks to get into the server...
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    Important Prison Galactic: (Season 1) - $1,150 Weekly Payout

    I will cherish you forever if you make a cane mine +1 everyone