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  • Bad moderator
    1. Doesn't explain reason for denying appeal
    2. Doesn't ask for evidence
    3. Doesn't forward appeal to a higher ranked staff
    Explain to me why my appeal was denied please,

    Yo , your not an admin so stop, acting like one and stop accepting / denying my ban appeals, thats the work for admins , and as they are my ban appeals i want admins working on it , thanks and fuck off .
    Wrong, Sr. Mods and above are able to deal with ban appeals, certain of them as they must go through a proccess to be accepted to the appeals team, Jonah can deny/accept your ban appeal as he belongs to the appeals team, I don't see where the problem is?
    ''They are my ban appeals'' lol, you don't decide if your appeal gets accepted lad, thats Jonah's and the appeals team job, thanks.
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