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  1. Marshmallowsss

    Ban Apeal For UsingLuna Made by Senap

    Hey, To appeal a punishment your friend will need to make an appeal via the link below, However with that being said if their account was used to break a rule then the punishment would be valid as it's the owners responsibility to protect their own minecraft account from others going onto it to...
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    Hey Anna, Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy you're time here and if you need any help please feel free to ask! :)
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    Welcome to Vanity K0T, Hope you enjoy you're time here! If you need any help feel free to ask :giggle:
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    Jungle Rank Upgrade Help

    Hey @Patiic, Sorry you are having these issues with getting the frog rank. What you will need to do is to hop into the VanityMC discord and make a ticket under #support. If you type '.ticket Skyblock' and follow the format with any evidence of this we can pass it along to the correct people...
  5. Marshmallowsss

    Important VanityMC: Prison (Season 2)

    Looking forward to the changes, See you all on Saturday! :)
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    Just bought thanos rank on heroic

    Hey Pauhs, Sorry to hear you are having these issues. If you could join the VanityMC discord and make a support ticket we can direct that to the relevant person(s) who will be able to assist further. If you have any more questions please feel free to start a conversation with myself and I'll...
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    Few weeks ago bud

    Few weeks ago bud
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    perm ban

    Hey, What you will need to do is to make an appeal via the link below. This will be reviewed by higher staff who will review the evidence and decide an outcome for you.
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