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    VanityMC Prison Alcatraz I am super excited to say that yes, the return of our most loved Prison Experience is back, TODAY in 3 hours at 6 PM EST. We will be bringing back the server that you all know and love. All information is on the forums post below, if you have been playing quite some...
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    VanityMC Prison Mythic Hello everyone! Tomorrow, Saturday at 4pm EST we will be bringing to you a massive update to our Prison Mythic Realm. This map will be a completely different experience than you've ever seen before, with content you may have seen long ago, and some new content that has...
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    VanityMC Skyblock Unity Realm Hello, tomorrow @ 4 PM EST, we will be launching Skyblock Unity. This realm is a complete recode of all of our previous skyblock servers, with many new features and is heavily optimized, to ideally handle high activity/players. Skyblock's Space, Jungle, and...
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    VanityMC Prison Alcatraz Hello, Prison Alcatraz will be resetting tomorrow at 4 PM EST! This season we have added in changes that will give prison a very fun new refreshing playstyle, I highly recommend hopping on this Saturday to see all the amazing changes we have for this season. All...
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    VanityMC Global Skyblock Revamp October 26th, 4 PM EST Check here to see what time release is for you! This Saturday at 4 PM EST, we will be launching our GLOBAL Skyblock Revamp, this is a new experience that we've taken all your feedback from and created a custom skyblock server designed by...
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    Important Survival (Season 1) - New Gamemode!

    VanityMC Survival Hello, This Saturday at 4 PM EST, we will be launching a new game mode concept I have envisioned for quite some time, I think overall the concept and gameplay will be something that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players. I highly suggest you give it a go and let us know what...
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    Important VanityMC: Skyblock Fantasy (Season 1)

    VanityMC Skyblock Fantasy Realm September 7th, 4 PM EST Check here to see what time release is for you! Hello, I am pleased to announce that yes we are bringing back our original classic skyblock experience to the Fantasy Realm. We have formulated this realm from our loved classic play style...
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    Important Prison Alcatraz: RESET (Season 5)

    VanityMC Prison Alcatraz August 31st, at 3pm EST Check here what time release is for you. Hello Prisoners! We have awesome updates releasing this season of Alcatraz, some being completely new features we have not yet had on Vanity before, revamps / buffs, and we have brought back some of our...
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    Important Skyblock v.01 - Week #1 Update

    WEEK ONE UPDATE (Skyblock v.01) Hello, this week our team has been hard at work, with updates and patches. Thank you all for being patient with us, and helping by giving your feedback / reports. Throughout this entire skyblock season we will be pushing weekly updates out, so this will be week...
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    July 27th , 3 PM EST Check here to see what time release is for you! Hello, this Saturday at 3 PM EST, all our Skyblock servers will be resetting, we have completely re-done our entire skyblock server. This is a very unique skyblock experience, that will completely change your perspective of...
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    Important Prison: Mythic (Season 3) (Galactic Merge)

    VanityMC Prison Mythic Hello Prisoners, this map we have introduced awesome new updates, along with bringing back some highly requested features such as the GEM PICK! Additionally this season we have listened to the community, and will be merging Galactic into Mythic. To be fully prepared for...
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    Important VanityMC: Factions Demonic (Season 19)

    VanityMC Factions Demonic Realm This Demonic Season we have looked at all the feedback the community has given us, and have ran with it. We have revamped alot, added old features in people wanted, and over all did our best to create a season everyone would enjoy, while adding some awesome new...
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    Important Factions: RUNIC (Season 1)

    VanityMC Factions Runic Realm June 22nd, 3 PM EST Check here to see what time release is for you! Let me start by saying this map has NO set end date. We are still doing weekly payouts, but hopefully this gives people a place to play while they are playing on our other Demonic / Heroic realms...
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    Important VanityMC: Prison Alcatraz (Season 4)

    VanityMC Prison Alcatraz Hello Prisoners, to keep it short and simple we have some awesome updates for this season of Alcatraz. I highly suggest you read the full change-log to get a good idea of what we have in store for this season. Overall hope everyone likes the new updates & changes. :)...
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    Skyblock improvements

    Hey, appreciate your feedback. We have a TON in the works for skyblock :)
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    Make a appeal :)

    Make a appeal :)
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    hello minecraft build team manager overlord

    hello minecraft build team manager overlord
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    Im da fookin champ m8 not u

    Im da fookin champ m8 not u
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    Important VanityMC: Factions Demonic (Season 18)

    VanityMC Factions Demonic Realm June 1st, 3 PM EST Check here to see what time release is for you! Hello, This Demonic season will show case a complete over haul of our Factions game mode. We have pretty much re-built it from the ground up, tweaking and fine tuning everything about it. Even to...
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    Important VanityMC Prison Mythic & Galactic Reset (Season 2)

    VanityMC Prisons Mythic and Galactic May 18th at 3 PM EST Click here to see what time release is for you Hello, this Saturday at 3 PM EST.. We will be resetting both Prison Mythic & Prison Galactic. Our team has worked very hard to improve the overall game play, with awesome new features...