Akuma Recruitment {Demonic}


New member
Sep 30, 2020
What We Offer *Experienced players *Active Members Fair Payouts *Over 1k in winnings! Map Wins} UniverseMC Jupiter x3 AzuraMC x1 VanityMC Demonic x2 VanityMC Heroic x1 SaicoPvP Overlord x1 {__What We Are Looking For} *New Members *Active Members *Cannoners *PvPers *Grinders BASE BUILDERS Farmers **What Happened To Akuma?* After a few months break of factions, we are being revived and coming back better than ever! Most of our roster quit because personal problem and school,So we are mass recruiting for these next maps of Factions** Dm me for the invite link to our discord!__