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Aug 21, 2020

VanityMC City Prisons


Important Information
Map Length: No end date! This Prison realm will have long-lasting seasons, giving players all the time they want to enjoy their Prison experience.
Release Date: Saturday, March 27th at 3PM EST

Explore City Prisons, an innovative realm taking Prison to the next level!

With the introduction of City Prisons, 6 brand new donator ranks are being introduced!

Introducing a brand-new information tab!

Prestige your pickaxe to unlock permanent effects and experience infinite pickaxe progression!

Compete to mine precious ores and survive against powerful mobs!

Use your hard earned Arcade Tickets and buy tiered lootboxes!

Equip up to 3 robots at once and experience a new range of brand new, custom robots!

Superhero Robot
Skill: Super Smash

Robot flies up and slams down onto the mine, breaking many blocks.

Sweet Tooth Robot
Skill: Gumdrop Blast

Drops gumdrops on top of blocks that triggers candy explosions when broken.

Frozen Tundra Robot
Skill: Frozen Landscape

Freezes blocks, turning them into "true ice" that slowly spreads and shatters the mine.

Toxic Robot
Skill: Sickly Venom

Pickaxe sprays poison on blocks that rapidly spreads and decays the mine.

Reaper Robot
Skill: Scythe Sweep

Swings a particle scythe, breaking all nearby blocks.

Arcade Robot
Skill: 8-Bit Bomber

Fires 8 bit icons of stars, missiles, and plasma causing explosions throughout the mine.

Apocalypse Robot
Skill: Overwhelming Force

Infuses the players pickaxe with radioactive energy, causing a mini explosion after every block mined.

Carnival Robot
Skill: Firecracker

Launches multiple firecrackers in different directions, exploding the mine.

Egyptian Robot
Skill: Pharaohs Blessing

Empowers all active robots, increasing skill proc rates for a limited amount of time.

Miner Robot
Skill: Tunneller

Summons a miner that excavates the mine, creating expansive tunnels.

Galactic Robot
Skill: Energy Pulse

Robot sends out a burst of energy, empowering a random pickaxe enchantment for a limited amount of time.

Neon Robot
Skill: Rave Lights

Robot shoots moving lasers around the mine, incinerating blocks.

Billionaire Robot
Skill: Moneybags

When this activates, backpack size is increased for a limited amount of time.

Atlantean Robot
Skill: Thunderstorm

Player summons a thunderstorm, leading to powerful thunder strikes hitting the mine and causing explosions.

Crystal Robot
Skill: Crystallize

The crystal pet spins around throwing dust in a circle which turns blocks into crystal blocks, granting large amounts of tokens when broken. The crystal block scales with your player level.

Hellfire Robot
Skill: Meteor Strike

A meteor strike will come down and cause a massive explosion.

Adventure new mines with nostalgic, never seen before enchants!

Creates a black hole, sucking up all nearby blocks. Upgrade to increase the duration and power of the black hole.

Summons a shooting star from the sky causing mini-explosions. Upgrade to summon more stars and increase their power.

Punches a hole into the ground that progressively gets deeper as the enchantment is levelled up.

This enchantment will give an explosive effect while mining. Upgrade to increase the size of the explosion.

Breaks surrounding blocks in a flat radius. Upgrade to increase the radius and break the entire layer of the mine!

Spawns blue orbs which will seek out valuable ores and break them. Upgrade to increase the amount of orbs spawning over time.

Gives you the chance of finding Lottery Tickets while mining, containing various rewards ranging from keys to special crates.

The Keygen enchantment will give you a chance at finding a Key while mining!

Token Pouch
Token pouch gives the player a chance at finding a stash of tokens. As you upgrade this enchant, you will increase the number of tokens that you receive.

Gives you the chance of receiving bonus blocks while mining. Upgrade to increase the multiplier and receive more blocks.

Vein Miner
Breaks blocks throughout the mine when activated. Upgrade to increase the radius and potency of the enchantment

Gather your friends and join a House to stand out in the City Prisons community!

Collect and flex limited time cosmetics that you can earn while playing City Prisons!

Particle Effects





Reach milestones and unlock achievements to receive special cosmetics and limited rewards!

Level up to unlock new mines and collect level coins. Public mines are now 75x75 and have been completely revamped!

Backpacks have been reworked and now have a fixed cost per slot regardless of backpack size!

Use house shops to buy and sell Robot Levels & Crate Keys!

Experience server-wide random mine parties that give special, temporary boosters!

Log in every day and claim free rewards! Build a streak and obtain limited items!

Purchase kits or donator ranks on our store to get access to daily kits!

Participate in regular drop parties on City Prisons! Purchase a donator rank to receive better rewards.

Mine blocks to level up your Vanity Pass and obtain monthly crates, cosmetics and other special rewards!

Join our PRISON CONTENT discord at to discuss future changes YOU wish to be implemented!​


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