Demonic Factions- Depression


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Jul 11, 2019
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Hello hello, i just got on Demonic planet 2 days ago as I saw it was a highly competitive factions server. I bought a demon rank and 2 monthly crates. I met TheNoisyProject and we made the faction depression. Right away it seemed that he took it way to serious and he could not have fun with the game. He would constantly drain faction members money when they weren't online. TheNoisyProject even took 10 mill from Ivelex(a faction officer) randomly and only gave him a piece back. I stored the 50 spawners that I put in the /f chest so I would not lose them. I donated millions to the faction to build our balance. After expressing how I was upset with him draining another million from me overnight he kicked me from the faction with no explanation as to why.
I don't know what I want to be seen happen from this, but this just isn't right that my faction was constantly drained of money by TheNoisyproject.
Right now he owes me 8 mill
18 Zombie Pigman
19 Blazes
4 endermans
1 creeper
2 villagers
1 squid
3 cows
Jul 13, 2019
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I recommend next time you start a faction with people you trust so this doesn’t happen again. Anyways If you are looking for a spot in a faction msg me in-game. We are always looking for new recruits, otherwise good luck getting your issue resolved.