GamingOG - Staff application


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Dec 8, 2017
IGN: GamingOG
Age(Must be 15+): 16
Timezone: GMT (England)
How long have you been actively playing Vanity?:
I have actively played on VanityMC for 2 maps now, I had known about it beforehand, however, I was playing a different server at the time. Incidentally, I was staff on that server at the same time so I was unable to consistently on VanityMC because I realise that it is a big commitment, even at the 'lowest' of staff levels. I use the term 'lowest' loosely because I believe that all the staff are important in their own role to help either develop the server further or to keep it all in order.
Do you have access to Teamspeak/Discord?
I have access to both, I can supply either when required to.
Do you have a good microphone?
I do believe so, yes.
Have you ever been banned from Vanity? If so, why?
Never been banned, kicked or muted on VanityMC for any reason that I can remember.
Why do you want to apply for Vanity?
I see that VanityMC has amazing potential as it has a good dedicated player base with a number of 'power' factions playing it and competing for various f top prizes. Over the past 2 maps where I have been playing consistently (One map in a solo faction and one with 'Endless') I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and I have learnt a lot about the community not only about MC in this modern day but especially about the special community that VanityMC has created since it began.
What does the community benefit from having you on the staff team?
I don't like to come across as a particularly boastful person, my friends IRL would relate. I don't big myself up at all if I can help it; however, from the people that I am friends with, both IRL and from working with them in 'Endless', most if not all say that I am an extremely nice person who looks after the people that may not always be in the 'spotlight' so to speak, for example, if a member asked a question to the owner, and the owner was busy doing something else then I would answer the question for that member.
I am also a very active player, I do go to school which can sometimes hinder hours of activity, however, I almost always have access to a phone where I can be checking on the discord server, helping people out that way. I am able to play for 30 minutes in the mornings before I go to school and I also play at least 1.5 hours minimum a night depending on what I have on, this can range up to 3-4 hours. On the weekends the amount of time I dedicate to the server is increased more.

What are 3 strengths you have?
Smart - Not only within the game mode of factions, where I know most of the tricks in the book but also outside of the game and into the social aspect of it. I am able to diffuse a potentially harmful argument between 2 or more players. If I come across a problem then I will solve the problem by breaking it down into smaller problems. For example, if someone asks you to play the first day of a map I would break it down: Who will be playing, what needs to be done, who is able to do what and so on so forth. A real-life example is if I were to come across a verbal argument between a couple of my friends then I would ask for both sides of the argument and then give a neutral opinion which is sufficient for both sides of the argument.
Confident - Unfortunately for me, I had some problems when I was younger. I got prejudiced for having a certain hair colour. However, this has led me to be more positive in life and thus more confident, not only in my actions but when I am speaking to people as well. If I make a decision that I feel is correct then I will stand by that decision with evidence and argue it until I win the point, or be proven wrong. If proven wrong then I learn from the mistake and move on with no grudges held. If anything I will end up with more respect for the player that beat me in the argument or whatever it may be.
Helpful - I am a fast typer which means that I am able to respond to simple problems quickly and efficiently. My English is very good in my opinion and I also speak some German if needed. I don't ever ignore people that speak to me. If someone PMs me their problems then I will do my utmost to try and service that problem. Whether it be a question I have answered 100 times or never before; I will still answer it with the same amount of professionalism and enthusiasm.

What are 3 weaknesses you have?
Reaction- Sometimes I have a tendency to overreact, both positively and negatively. For example, if my faction gets raided then I can get temporarily mad at people. However, I usually do this in faction chat or in a private chat where only certain people can see it. This does not last for long as I usually find some sort of reason to blame myself for it which makes me learn from it and so it will not happen again. I find this better for dealing with situations like this because when people prejudice against me then it only spurs me on to do even better and to prove that person(s) wrong.
Simple- I can sometimes over complicate things which are more simple than what I had originally thought. I might explain a problem in a more efficient way which can save time in the future instead of a quick fix. I have spent enough time in the community to realise that people don't like to use their brain too much whilst playing (No offence intended to anyone)
Nice- I want the best for everyone, whether I dislike them or love them within the game of factions. I can attempt to please everyone at the same time, which can in some rare cases not lead to a proper solution to the problem at hand. I am just a nice person in general so I find it hard to personally blame someone for extended periods of time.

Previous staff experience? If so why were you demoted/resigned?
I used to be staff on an at the time big server, it has now since pretty much closed. I did resign from this server because of a lack of support from the upper levels of the staff hierarchy, the player base of this server was also diminishing as to speak.
I was also an Admin on a server which my friend ran, however, this did not last long, unfortunately.
Oct 28, 2017
My opinion might not matter that much since im his faction member, but gaming would honestly be a great addition to the staff team. Since he is very helpfull, organised and he is always there to help. We had 5 people brainstorming about bad things about him because we didnt see any mistakes lol.


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Feb 5, 2018
Hi, GamingOG!

After a quick look-over of you're application, it seems pretty decent, althought you don't really explain why you want to be a staff member on Vanity. This makes the application a bit weak. You should have added a lot more information of why you want to help out, instead of commenting how the server has been going.
If you get accepted, will you also still do with the other server you're talking about, or will you go 100% with Vanity? But away from that, it's a totally decent/good application.


Kind regards,