Infinity Recruitment [Demonic]

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Jun 24, 2019
What Infinity has to offer

- 6 Years of faction exp via Leader

- Active members during late NA Timezones

- Won Against 100-200 man factions while only having 45 Strong

- PvP Focused Plus lots of raiding

- No racism or Sexist comments will be tolerated

- Training in Pvp, Building, Cannoning, Raiding, Defending or patching

- A new system of control over the faction giving military strategic tactical operations

What we are looking for

- We are currently recruiting Eu, Na timezones!!!

- Cannoners or new cannon tech cannoners.

- Coders, Video Editers.

- Pvpers, grinders, cane slave <---- always looking for Good Pvpers.

- Loyal Members ( Litterly ride or die )

- A new place to hang and be apart of a crew of determined winners in and outside of factions.

Payouts based off work done **Must Have a PayPal** if you cannot make a paypal due to age you will get **BuyCraft** to spend for ingame store items ``` Currently playing vanity on demonic and are doing very well!!

Not open for further replies.