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Feb 9, 2019
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NOTE: I'm not too sure where this thread should be posted, please feel free to move it to the correct section.
I just lost all of my items due to me glitching through bedrock when teleporting to my base.

I created a base down at bedrock level and was mining, then set some cobblestone as a barrier to remember where to place certain blocks. I placed one of the blocks of cobblestone where my home was set.

I went to spawn to see if I had gotten any keys from a Vote Party that recently occurred (which I didn't lol), and teleported back to my home/base.

I spawned in the block I had placed, and when attempting to jump, had fallen completely thru the bedrock, losing all of my items.

They are the items that I had (that I care about):
• Warrior Helmet
• Warrior Chestplate
• Warrior Leggings
• Warrior Boots
• Warrior Sword
• Sorcerer Shovel
• Warrior Fishing Rod
• Warrior Bow
• Blast Pickaxe
• 2 Enchanted Golden Apples
• 4 Creeper Eggs
• Protection IV, Unbreaking III Helmet
• Protection IV, Unbreaking III Boots
• Protection IV, Unbreaking III Chestplate
• 10 Lava Buckets
• 14 Water Buckets
• 3.5 stacks of Obsidian

I've attached the proof of the items I had as well as me falling through the void.
All items mentioned can be seen in my hotbar or my inventory throughout certain parts of the video, which I've cut down. All mentioned items can be seen at the end of the video.


Thank you in advance,
~ Chroma
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