Moderator Application


New member
Apr 16, 2018
IGN: Quicy
Age(Must be 15+): 15 and a half
Timezone: ACST
How long have you been actively playing Vanity?: About a day but have always wanted a good computer so i can play on here.
Do you have access to Teamspeak/Discord? yes
Do you have a good microphone? yes
Have you ever been banned from Vanity? If so, why? no
Why do you want to apply for Vanity? would like to become a staff member because I love helping people and making them enjoy their Minecraft experience, as staff of my first few servers I played on were helping and supportive towards me, I think that's why I am able to be playing today.
What does the community benefit from having you on the staff team? Because they will have a staff member that will always be helpful and will always have a staff member to talk to whenever in need or just want to have a conversation.
What are 3 strengths you have? having a conversation with people, staying on topic with stuff, negotiating
What are 3 weaknesses you have? being corrected, being noticed publicly i get shy, talking publicly sometimes
Previous staff experience? If so why were you demoted/resigned? none i have never been a staff member on a minecraft server unfortunately but might be starting my own server soon.