My Majesty is in presence.


Jul 27, 2019
Greetings, peasants.

It is I, AndyPhan, VanityMC's best PvPer. Some players call me Andy, others call me Crown (My previous username was "HoldMyCrown"), but most people call me God. I am fine with any of these names. No other name will be accepted by me. I am a Skyblock player- I carried OverW8 and Fuego to the top. I also played Prison where I carried Toxic to the top. If you would like to duel me, feel free. I'm not the best at sumo but I believe I am able to beat anyone in a NoDebuff 1v1. I prefer to play only on servers with great anti-cheat. If you plan on dueling me, I will only play on the top 2 practice servers that possess a great anti-cheat. I bid you a farewell.