[prison] (ALCATRAZ) suggestion


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Oct 6, 2020
I have a prison event idea!

What is it?

There are actually 2 ideas:
1. There should be a 1 time dungeon event that if you get the fastest time, you get a tag like #1speedrunner or something like that
2. There should be a daily parkour event that if you win the parkour in the fastest time you get an event based on the economy.

Why should we do this?
I believe it would greatly increase community engagement here's why:
I have seen players constantly complaining about the prison being boring, so an LMS style parkour event would be very fun and enjoyable!
+ it really is a great idea

How would it work?
every 24 hours at a certain time it would broadcast a message that says:
Speedrunner event starting in 10 minutes
Speedrunner event starting in 5 minutes
Speedrunner event starting in 1 minute
Speedrunner event starting in 30 seconds, 15, ,10, 9, 8, ,7 ,6 ,5 ,4 ,4 ,3 ,2 ,1

How many people are on board?
right now I've had a few staff members that have said it would be a cool idea.

Section 2 for the one-time dungeon event:

As I said in the first parts of my paragraph there should be a 1-time event,

What event

A one-time dungeon parkour event. YOu compete for the fastest time and whoever who gets it gets a tag that says something like #1speedrunner and it's a special tag!

I believe this is an amazing event, There is nothing wrong with the idea, It is great for the unity and its fun!
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