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Aug 5, 2020


Important Information

Cell Size: 8
Weekly Payouts: $1,000
Map Length: 2 Weeks
Release Date: Saturday, January 9th at 2PM EST


Cell top payouts are weekly again! $800 will be distributed amongst the top 10 cells weekly! Below is the breakdown of how the payouts are distributed!
First Place - $175 PayPal, $150 BuyCraft + Seasonal Cell Top Tag!
Second Place - $75 PayPal, $100 BuyCraft
Third Place - $70 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $50 BuyCraft
Fifth Place -> Tenth - $30 BuyCraft

Weekly Level Top
Every week, the 5 players with the highest level will compete $100 in weekly prizes! Below is the breakdown of how the payouts will be distributed.
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $25 BuyCraft
Third Place - $20 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $15 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $10 BuyCraft

Weekly RAW Block Top
Each week, the top 5 players with most raw blocks mined will receive $100 in weekly prizes! Below is the breakdown of how the payouts will be distributed.
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $25 BuyCraft
Third Place - $20 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $15 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $10 BuyCraft

New Custom Robots
Introducing various unique, upgradable robots with special abilities, completely changing your mining experience! Mine to obtain Scrap Metal which can be used to buy robotic eggs in the all new central upgrade gui.

Robots are levelled up by combining robots of the same type. E.g. if you have a Level 1 Hellfire Robot, you need to obtain another Hellfire Robot to upgrade to Level 2. Robots are automatically combined inside of the Robot Storage.

This map we are adding passive abilities to robots! Each robot has its own passive ability that gives a token or cell value booster to the owner! These boosters are upgraded up simply by mining with the robot whilst having it active. The more you mine with a robot, the greater the booster it will provide!

Each robot has a unique skill that has a % chance to activate whilst mining. Skills tier up after reaching certain Robot Level thresholds, increasing the tier of the skill. Activated robots follow the owner, displaying the robot name and level (toggleable).

Here is a sneak peak of a few of our new, custom robots!

Galactic Robot
Skill: Energy Pulse
Robot sends out a burst of energy, empowering the player's pickaxe enchantments, increasing the proc rate of all enchants for a limited amount of time. Level up the Galactic Robot to increase the buff!

Neon Robot
Skill: Rave Lights
Robot shoots moving lasers around the mine, incinerating thousands of blocks. Level up the Neon Robot to increase the number of lasers and duration of the skill!

Billionaire Robot
Skill: Moneybags
When this activates, backpack size is increased for a limited amount of time to make heaps of tokens! Level up the Billionaire Robot to increase the size of the boost.

Atlantean Robot
Skill: Thunderstorm

Player summons a thunderstorm, leading to powerful thunder strikes hitting the mine and causing explosions. A higher Atlantean Robot level leads to more lightning strikes.

Hellfire Robot
Skill: Meteor Strike

A meteor strike will come down and cause a massive explosion. As the robot reaches higher tiers, more blocks are destroyed.

Crystal Robot
Skill: Crystallize

The crystal pet spins around throwing dust in a circle which turns blocks into crystal blocks, granting large amounts of tokens when broken. The amount of "crystallized blocks" varies based on the skill tier.

Pickaxe Rework
Players spawn in with a personal pickaxe that is tailored to each player, meaning only the pickaxe owner is able to mine with it! Create a cell to obtain a cell pickaxe, where everyone in the cell can upgrade and use the pickaxe at once! These different types of pickaxes cost different amounts of tokens to upgrade! Use the new upgrade GUI to select what pickaxe to upgrade and view detailed enchant information.

Token Mania
In this pure token economy, players use tokens to level up and unlock new, overpowered blocks! Upgraded blocks in higher level mines give more cell value per block as well as more tokens! A-Z and prestiges have been replaced with player levels! Spend tokens to level up and unlock new mines and collect level coins. Level coins are used to purchase lootboxes, save your level coins to buy higher tiered lootboxes!

Cell Value
Collect value blocks
and mine for cell value to compete and become the #1 cell on the server! There are 3 value blocks: Glowstone, Snow and Sea Lanterns, giving 100k, 500k, and 1 million cell value respectively. After popular demand, the value of these blocks have been buffed considerably!

Cell Shops
Buy and sell cell value using our improved cell shop system. Create a listing using /cell shop and collect value sold at ease using the new "Collect Items" feature. Clicking this button would automatically deposit all value blocks in the cell shop to your block stack.

Place cell value and token generators at your cell to earn massive amounts of wealth whilst being AFK! The more you use your generator, the higher the tier would become! There is no generator limit, however a limited amount can be placed per chunk, so use space efficiently!

PVP Mine
Compete for cell value and tokens in the new PVP mine! Donor kits are used and pickaxe enchants are disabled. You can now find Buycraft Vouchers, Event Boxes, Generators, and Keys in the PVP mine! Access the PVP Mine at /warp pvp!

Tiered Cell Mines
Cell mines come in various sizes! Purchase a cell mine from the store and mine privately with your cell mates in larger, exclusive mines! Blocks in the mine naturally change over time as you level up and unlock new, upgraded blocks! If there are 8 people in the cell, each cell member’s level would contribute to 12.5% of the blocks in the cell mine. Progress with your cell!

Pickaxe Enchants
Each enchants information is listed below!
Blessed has the chance to double the amount of tokens collected from token pouch!

Value Pouch
Value pouch gives the player a chance at finding a stash of cell value. As you upgrade this enchantment, you will increase the number of value that you receive.

Nuke has the chance to destroy the whole mine at once whilst mining!

When you mine with the Lucky Enchant you will receive lucky blocks that can be opened to receive rewards such as crystals. Level up the enchant to obtain lucky boxes, realm boxes, and monthly crates whilst mining!

Value Finder
While mining, players will have a chance to find value blocks. Upgrade the enchant to obtain better value blocks!

The Keygen enchantment will give you a chance at finding a Key while mining! Level up the enchant to obtain higher tiered keys!

While mining, this enchant will have a chance to remove a layer from the mine.

Token Pouch
Token pouch gives the player a chance at finding a stash of tokens. As you upgrade this enchant, you will increase the number of tokens that you receive.

Fortune will increase the number of blocks that you receive while mining.

Every 6 hours, there is an envoy and KOTH event where players compete for OP rewards! Rewards include monthly crates, event boxes, and buycraft vouchers! Event information can be found using /event in-game.

Event Mine
Every 6 hours this event will start and players will compete for OP rewards! Teleport to this giant mine for the chance to win special rewards such as generators, buycraft vouchers and event boxes.

Vanity Pass
There are two different types to the vanity pass, a free pass and a paid pass. The paid pass will available for purchase on the store, and will give players a substantial advantage! The rewards within this pass includes tokens and hidden bonuses within it that a player may only obtain through upgrading their paid pass. Progress through these passes and earn amazing rewards!


Prisons Content Discord
Join our PRISON CONTENT discord at to discuss future changes YOU wish to be implemented!​
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This is going to be a huge update, im very excited to see this in action, and hope to see the amount of players rise.
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