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Sep 11, 2018

July 25th at 2 PM EST

Check here to see what time release is for you.

Hello Vanity Prison Community - The Rebirth of our beloved Prison Mythic realm is here, releasing tomorrow, this Saturday @ 2 PM EST! Bringing back an experience you loved & the Prison Realm many of you OG prison players played & even began your journey at Vanity on. I look forward to seeing you all on, old and new members of our community! :)

If you want to get a general idea of what this season of Prison Mythic is about please check out our trailer below!

Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two rare keys. For more information about re-uploading please join our Discord and look for the #reupload channel!

Cell Top
In total, we will be having $1150 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $225 PayPal + $175 Buycraft
Second Place - $125 PayPal + $100 Buycraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal + $75 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $25 PayPal + $50 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $50 Buycraft
Sixth Place - $50 Buycraft
Seventh Place - $50 Buycraft
Eighth Place - $50 Buycraft
Ninth Place - $50 Buycraft
Tenth Place - $50 Buycraft

Block Top
Each week the top prestige players will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $20 BuyCraft
Third Place - $10 BuyCraft

If you have PURCHASED a rank on any of our current or previous PRISON realms, you will receive the equivalent TOP rank on this realm!

With Mythic's return, the classic economy has returned! On this realm, the sell boosters will be back at 10x max! With this being said, we have to adjust the prices that people will sell blocks for, so that this evens out the economy slightly. Everything within the economy will be much more impactful! Interact with other players using shops and take advantage of different sell prices at the different mines to beat your opponents!

We're taking it back to the good old days! Returning to our original enchant system! Each of the enchants will be upgraded via tokens or gems! Choose wisely which one will give you the best advantage! Below is a breakdown of all the enchants and their effects!

Increases block-breaking speed
Increases blocks received from mining
Automatically sells every 10 seconds with more blocks sold at each level
A chance to receive an extra 20% for each block sold
A chance to remove the entire layer of the mined block
Explodes random blocks in a set radius
Breaks blocks in a plus-signed pattern
Gives haste effect while holding the pickaxe
Gives a speed effect while holding the pickaxe
Jump Boost
GIves jump boost while holding the pickaxe
Shoots eggs and breaks block within the radius
Similar to vain miner, it only breaks the blocks similar to the ones hit by the egg
Gives you a chance at earning an extra token while mining!
Gives you a chance to earn a gem while mining!

Currently, crates and crystals are a huge way for people to get cool items or tokens/money. We have increased the amount of money received by this A LOT, so people will now receive WAY more money than they ever have on our Mythic Realm. Tokens will be around the same but will have to be adjusted because of the slight increase in enchant prices.

When mining, you have the chance to gain a Crystal. Collect crystals and open them at crystal stations to gain an advantage! Additionally every time you prestige, you will receive a tier 4 crystal. With this crystal, you can gain rewards from the Crystal Station at spawn. Crystals range from Tier 1 to Tier 4, giving you guys the opportunity to gain amazing rewards from just playing!

We have decided to clean up a lot of our messages in chat to make things more organized! When you sell, it now tells you what you made from backpacks, merchant, inventory, and the total amount you made, and the total amount of blocks you sold. This is to minimize confusion and make people more aware of what is making them money!

Reintroducing the PvPMine, bring your cell and find sponges within the mine.
Pickaxe Enchants will not work in the mine.

We have pushed out a huge updated to both the Token and Gem Shop! We feel these values should be more relative to the work required to earn the currency.

On Prison Mythic, we will have 20 Man Cells. We wanted a place for larger cells to come together and battle it out for First Place, and we feel this number will support all the players that found Prison Genesis too small.

Everyone will start with a 250 slots on their backpack and can upgrade it from there, for a specific price. There is no limit to the size of these backpacks! Upgrade to your heart's content! You can increase 1 slot on this backpack for 2000 tokens. There are options to increase the space of the backpack by 1, 10, 100, and 1000. As you can see in the image below, you can upgrade backpacks to have insane space slots!

Prestiging doesn't cost money! The only thing that costs in-game money is ranking up. Each time you reach rank Z, you can then prestige for free and receive a reward. When you prestige, the rank prices will slowly increase each time, so expect it to be harder to reach a higher rank each time you prestige

Classic private mines are back! Private mines will last only one week after being placed. Private mines will also work with your current in-game rank, so if you don’t want to mine at specific warp anymore, purchase a private mine and mine privately at the comfort of your cell! There are multiple different tiers of private mine for you to choose from, so pick whichever one suits you!

G-Kits are going to be a great way for players to receive pvp items, keys, tokens, boss items, and more! GKits are only purchasable on buycraft and will not be obtainable in game!

Bosses are now going to be a fun way for cells and all players to really bring the PvP aspect of prison to life! Bosses will only be usable in cells and gangs can fight these bosses for awesome rewards!

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