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Jun 27, 2019


Our most anticipated release is here. The Golden Age of Prison will now be coming back on VanityMC this Saturday at 3 PM EST. We have brought back all the features that you had once loved and introduced brand new features. The team and I also have decided to throwback the builds from season one of Prison, to add onto the feel that you had once enjoyed on our Network. Enjoy :)

January 25th, at 3 PM EST
Check here what time release is for you.

Cell Top

We are bringing back Payouts to The Golden Age by making it enjoyable for competitive and non-competitive players! Alongside the payouts, we are having 12 man cell's allowing it be fun for all!

In total, we will be having $575 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $150 PayPal + $90 Buycraft
Second Place - $75 PayPal + $25 Buycraft
Third Place - $30 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $20 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $10 Buycraft

Prestige Top
Each week the top prestige will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - 10$ Buycraft

Block Top
Each week, the players with most blocks mined will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $20 Buycraft
Second Place - $15 Buycraft
Third Place - $5 Buycraft


Introducing a brand new feature to Prison, Contrabands. Test your chances with the warden by growing and selling these substances for Silver.


Not even the wealthiest can attain this precious currency. Only the elite have broken blocks and sold contraband to secure this precious metal.

Golden Aged Builds:

Taking it back to the good ol' days of Prison with OG builds from our best map's.

Golden Backpacks

Bringing back our once loved Backpacks, but they have been upgraded! Backpacks have been buffed and the sell upgrades have been reverted. As you upgrade your backpack and reach certain milestones, you’ll unlock a bonus sell boost on all items.

Booster Gems

Booster Gems have been reverted to the golden days and buffed! Amplify your experience by using the Cell, Token, and Sell Value boosters.​

Vanity Pass

Vanity Pass has been buffed enchancing the system of mining exp!

Crystal Stations

We have listened to your requests and we have buffed crystals.

Rankup and Prestiging

Mines have been extremely buffed to encourage faster progression and more prestiges. Under this new system, every type of ore can be found in mines, and the amount of ores will increase as you level up.

Prestiges have become more impactful and reworked as well.


Brand New Disenchanter system! We have put a lot of time into this making it as efficient as possible.


Check out our community-led tags, I especially like this one!

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Aug 4, 2019
A lot of new updates we’ve been waiting a while for! One of the best resets i’ve seen! Looking forward to it. :):eek: