Shabib Island top #1 Diss-Track!


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Feb 13, 2019
Shabib Diss-Track!
Shout out WuzGud!
/!\ Swearing Warning /!\

Fuck Shabib, little bitch

Ay shabib remember me when you kicked me 2 times posted up with the blick boutta shoot in no time thats how it go when you fuck with Iphones yo bitch ill pull up to your crib with that 45 let it blow
Dont come crying when you aint #1 no more bitch you fucking suck thats like your whole clique Breamy TJP bitch they sound like nobodys thats a mystery

SayPlease Tried to get with emma call her a snack bitch thats wack dont come crying round here asking me to join again ill destroy you just like I did on this track
Had to dox me get my location FUCK i wish you would cuz then we'd let it act mess with the gang and we gon attack
time to sign off no need to waste more time at this point your ass is FUCKING gone


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Apr 10, 2019
SHABIB only P2W and vanity kids :D
we don't p2w we are legit and only 1 vanity :DDDDDDDD SHABIB u wont get istop 1 in the next 2 weeks