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Jun 30, 2020

Skyblock Elderwood
Hello Vanity Skyblock Community,

Tomorrow, this Monday @ 5 PM EST (07/20/2020), we will officially be opening up our brand new Skyblock Elderwood realm. This realm is an entirely new Skyblock game mode, built from the ground up, something completely new & fresh to our network. We highly suggest you go over what we have prepared for you below. Thank you all for your patience, I look forward to hearing your feedback & am excited to see everyone check out what we have been working on!

- Craft


Our NEW realm will release this Monday, July 20th at 5PM EST
For any other timezones, check here to see what time release is for you!

Realm Information
Our newest Skyblock realm is based on the higher version of Minecraft version, connect on the highest version for the best optimization, however, you can connect on ANY versions 1.8+ through 1.16+

Payout Information

Each Island will be required to set their PayPal address using /is setpaypal <email>

NOTE: These seasons will be much longer, so if you win any of the top placements, you will be able to reap the rewards for a good long period of time!

First Place - $225 PayPal
Second Place - $100 Buycraft
Third Place - $60 Buycraft
Fourth Place- $40 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $20 Buycraft


Island Information
Island size: 14 members

Create an Island using /is create <name>

Completely new island core!
All the information you will need about your island is displayed in one central place, the island info tab. New balanced upgrades can be unlocked to greatly benefit your islands profits. Customize your islands permissions, biomes, warp, permissions, and settings for full control of your gameplay.
View your place on the leader board, players opinions of your island, who has visited your island, and who is co-oped on your island from these new menus.

We have introduced a brand new race system to our Elderwood realm.
When you join the server, you will select between one of our four races by entering the designated portal. Selecting a race will allow you to complete that races quests. Users will have the ability to unlock all races at some point.
Orcs, Elven, Dwarven, and Warlocks

With our race systems comes brand new quests!
Your first set of quests will be determined by your race. After completing your race's quests, you can take on other races quests. Once all the race quests are completed, you may begin our legendary quests.
Additionally, our quest system has daily quests & Singular Task Quests. Daily Quests will reactivate every 24 hours, giving you access to limitless rewards. Singular Task Quests, are things you do all the time such as killing mobs which will give you a set amount of quest tokens depending on the type of mob. All race, legendary, and daily rewards will have a noble reward, unlocked through normal progression, and an unlockable mythical reward!

Earn quest tokens by completing quests and island missions!
After completing some of these tasks, users can spend their hard-earned quest tokens on a Quest Crate at /warp tokenshop. or go through the portal at spawn to get to your Quest King! The Quest Crate will contain some new epic rewards!

Island missions will be objectives you can complete with friends to earn rewards. They will be anything from killing mobs to breaking block, and even reaching certain island levels! We will also have personal missions, which will guide you through our Skyblock experience.

Our new pets will be activated by clicking the icon in the /pets menu. When the pet spawns, it will follow over your shoulder as you move. It will last for a certain amount of time and have a cooldown.

Crate Pet - will give you a chance of doubling your key reward.
Quest Pet - will give a chance of doubling the progress a task gives towards your current quests.
Xp Pet - will give a chance of doubling your experience.
Money Pet - Gives you a sell multiplier on all items sold.
Treasure Pet - Gives a chance of doubling or tripping rewards

Feeling tired? Hire minions to do your work for you!
You can use these exclusive Elf Minions to make certain processes a lot more efficient. For Example: If you're ever bored of mining, just get your Minion to mine for you, they're very simple and easy to use. You can also upgrade your minions to make them better and even more efficient. You can receive these Minions through Crates, Quest Completion Rewards, Quest Token Shops, Enchant Treasure Drops & The VGem Shop.

Miner Minion - You can place this minion on your island to automatically mine ores.
Slayer Minion - These minions will kill all mobs in the appropriate radius.
Collector Minion - These minions will collect all item drops within the appropriate radius.
Farmer Minion - These Minions will farm all crops in the appropriate radius.
Lumberjack Minion - These Minions will chop all trees in the appropriate radius and replant them.

Our economy is worked through all aspects of the gamemode.
Earn money and island level through a variety of our brand new features, such as Races, Envoys, Pets, and Custom Enchantments. The value blocks will be emerald, diamond, gold, iron blocks, & spawners. Dragon eggs have also returned to our Elderwood realm. This economy is very diverse and will allow for you to grind what you enjoy the most & reap its reward with longterm automation!

We have added dozens of new custom enchants for you to test out and enjoy.
Purchase runes in the new shop menu. These runes can be applied to your tools, weapons, armor and bows or you can combined runes that are the same type into a higher level rune. We have also added the ability to tinker items for money, experience or mystery dust. All these features are available through /runes.

Use your experience to unlock rewards! By typing /xpspin and confirming your purchase, you will get access to an amazing crate with awesome prizes!

Make the most of our custom Elderwood Resource Pack!
This custom resourcepack enhances your gameplay by including amazing new custom weapons, tools, wands and sounds! Feel more immersed than ever with our custom sound regions, or make use of our custom wand system to help become the best island! Note: we also have some other custom items, such as a spider silk touch pickaxe! To download the texture pack type /pack in game on the Elderwood realm!

Experience our new Elder Wands!
Our wands will be stacker, condense, smelt, and sell wands. To download the texture pack type /pack in game on the Elderwood realm!
Stacker - places the blocks in your inventory and stacks them vertically
Condense - Easily craft ingots into blocks
Smelt - smelt all items in a chest
Sell - Sell the contents of a chest with 1 click

Take part in awesome, fun events every single day!
Enjoy a range of events to play and win cool rewards in! Starting with Hunger Games, new events will be added throughout the coming weeks for you to enjoy!

New rewards are one click away!
Enter our warzone and fight off other players for a chance of grabbing enchanted treasure!

The system you know and love.
Mcmmo is once again present in our realms! Level up a variety of tasks by playing on our new realm.

Prepare to slay the Dragon Keeper!
The Dragon Keeper will be available to be slain periodically.

Grab your gear, Its time to annihilate the mobs!
The mob arena will open periodically. You and your friends can enter to earn rewards.

Feeling lucky?
Try your chance of winning a pet in our pet cage or purchase them in the VGems shop or from the Quest Token Shop.

IGN: ShadoAkuma