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Aug 3, 2020
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Skyblock Space: The Legacy releases this Sunday, Augest 16th at 4PM EST
For any other timezones, check here to see what time release is for you!

Payout information
For this map's payout we are going to be going a different direction. This map will be 8 weeks long as highly requested by players. Our goal with this change is to provide longer, more enjoyable maps to players, and avoiding having players getting burnt out. Again, this map will be 8 weeks long with payout for all of the 8 weeks.

Each island will be required to set their PayPal address using /is setpaypal <email>
This is used to Payout island’s, automatically, each week.
First Place
- $150 PayPal and $100 Buycraft
Second Place - $75 PayPal and $50 Buycraft
Third Place - $25 PayPal and $25 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $40 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $20 Buycraft

Island Information
This map we will have a 20 member island size!
Note: Create an island using /is create <name>

1.8 Legacy Skyblock

1.8 Skyblock is back and better than ever! For this newest installment of Skyblock, we talked to players for many hours in order to formulate the perfect version of Skyblock that everyone will enjoy! We've brought back several of players favorite features and improved everything across the board. We can't wait for you to see all the things we have in store for this season, so without further delay, here's our changelog!

Upgradeable Harvester Hoes
This season will now be having Harvester Hoes! These Harvester Hoes can be upgraded with our new currency, Tokens. These upgrades will make your Hoes progressively more and more powerful
Key Finder - The Key Finder enchant will give you a chance to get a key while harvesting crops.
Cultivate - The Cultivate enchant will increase the McMMO EXP you receive from farming.
Auto Sell - The Auto Sell enchantment will give players a chance to sell all the crops in their inventory while farming.
Bountiful - This enchant will increase the amount of money that you can sell crops for.
Harvest - The harvest enchant will give you a chance to find bonus crops when farming.

Unique Island Upgrades
Introducing our revamped island upgrades system! We have changed the previous system so that the upgrades will have much more customization and depth. Below will be a breakdown of all of our island upgrades that you can upgrade using island tokens!
Spawner Speed
- This upgrade will increase the rate at which your spawners generate new mobs!
Spawner Amount - This upgrade will increase the amount of mobs that spawn whenever the spawner activates!
Spawner Level - This upgrade will unlock new spawners for you to purchase in your spawner shop!
Level 1 - Sheep Spawner
Level 2 - Cow Spawner
Level 3 - Zombie Spawner
Level 4 - Skeleton Spawner
Level 5 - Spider Spawner
Level 6 - Creeper Spawner
Level 7 - Enderman Spawner
Level 8 - Magma Cube Spawner
Level 9 - Blaze Spawner
Level 10 - Silverfish Spawner

Growth Speed -
Purchasing this upgrade will accelerate your islands fertility, making your crops grow faster!
Crop Fortune - This upgrade will give you an increasing chance at receiving double crops from your harvest!
Crop Type - This upgrade will allow you to plant new crops or upgrade crops on your island and make even more money!
Level 1 - Wheat
Level 2 - Potato
Level 3 - Pumpkin
Level 4 - Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin will drop Pumpkin Pie)
Level 5 - Melon
Level 6 - Glistering Melon (Melon will drop Glistering Melon)
Level 7 - Cactus
Level 8 - Cocoa Beans
Level 9 - Sugar Cane
Level 10 - Nether Wart

Island Token Mines:
Token Stash -
The Token Stash upgrade will give you a chance to find a stash of tokens while mining.
Lucky - The Lucky upgrade gives players a chance to find a rare reward within the mine.
Ore Upgrade - Upgrading your mine with this upgrade will give your mine new blocks that will give much more cash and tokens.

Generator Speed -
The Generator Speed upgrade will make your generator produce tokens faster and faster as you upgrade
Generator Amount - This upgrade will increase the amount of tokens generated per generation
Generator Limit - This upgrade will allow players to place more total generators on their island.

Island Quests
We have drastically changed our island quest system to make it much better. In this new system instead of getting 3 Island Quests, players will be able to get unlimited quests a day. Once a player completes their set of quests, they will receive brand new ones to continue grinding!

OG Mini Minions
The return of our OG Minions! These minions do it all, from mining, killing cows, killing skeletons, to even feeding themselves! This returning minion plugin will allow players to have their minions perform a variety of tasks for them at ease! Additionally, these minions are able to be linked to chests. In doing this, the loot that minions receive from their performed tasks will be automatically sent to a chest. This can be done by right clicking a Minion with a Minion Chest Link and then onto the chest you want their items to be sent into.
Miner Minion - The Miner Minion will automatically break Ores in front of it, dropping ores onto the ground.
Reaper Minion - The Reaper Minion will kill nearby hostile mobs, giving a chance to drop EXP bottles.
Feeder Minion - The Feeder Minion will feed all nearby minions with the food in its inventory.
Butcher Minion - The Butcher Minion will automatically kill all nearby passive mobs and drop their loot.
Hunter Minion - The Hunter Minion will target all nearby hostile mobs, killing them and dropping their loot.

Island Token Mines
Introducing Island Mines. With this new system, players will be able to mine to their hearts content alongside their teammates. Whenever you break a block in this mine, you will be awarded with Tokens. These tokens can be spent to upgrade your Harvester Hoe!


Introducing our new Dungeon System!
In this system, players will be able to fight off hordes of mobs in order to summon the final boss. Once this boss is defeated, players will be showered in loot and riches. Additionally, we have some hidden secrets in our dungeons aswell!

Unlock our island token generators to progress even faster! Generators be obtainable through many different means ingame, and will take a lot of time and resources to upgrade. The more you get, the quicker you will progress. Generators are now also upgradable! Upgrade your generators to gain more tokens per hour.


Introducing our new Pets! These pets will give a variety of bonuses to the player which can be upgraded by performing certain tasks!
Crate Pet - The Crate Pet will make rewards give better crates.
Quest Pet - The Quest Pet will give players a chance to get double progress while completing a quest.
Envoy Pet - The Envoy Pet will make Envoys give better rewards.
XP Pet - The XP Pet will give the player more XP when they kill mobs.
Money Pet - The Money Pet will give a Sell Booster to the player.
Token Pet - The Token Pet will give a Token Booster to the player.
Crate Pet - The Crate Pet will gain XP whenever you open a crate.
Quest Pet - The Quest pet will gain XP whenever the player completes a quest.
Envoy Pet - The Envoy Pet will gain XP whenever a player opens an Envoy.
XP Pet - The XP Pet will gain XP whenever a player receives XP.
Money Pet - The Money Pet will earn XP whenever a player mines, farms, or kills a mob.
Token Pet - The Token pet will earn XP whenever a player mines, farms, or kills a mob.

While fishing, you will have a rare chance of fishing up valuable keys! However, fishing will only be enabled in PvP so you need to be careful! As you level up your McMMO Fishing level, your rewards will increase aswell!
NOTE: The higher the rank you are, the bigger your McMMO boost is.

XP Spin
Use your experience to unlock rewards! By typing /xpspin and confirming your purchase, you will get access to an amazing crate with awesome prizes!

Yes! Reclaims are finally back as you all wanted! If you have a rank type /reclaim on release for a little boost to start off your journey.

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