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Sep 11, 2018
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Skyblock Unity Realm
Hello, tomorrow @ 4 PM EST, we will be launching Skyblock Unity. This realm is a complete recode of all of our previous skyblock servers, with many new features and is heavily optimized, to ideally handle high activity/players. Skyblock's Space, Jungle, and Wild-West have merged into this new realm, and you can /redeem in hub for the money you spent on ranks and buy equivalent ranks on Unity. Our thought process on merging these realms is the three previous realms were always the same community and same setup. This time around, we think it will be best to unify our skyblock community rather than spread them across what was previously four total realms. We have put a ton of time into this new season, and are delighted with everything we have come up with for it, and I highly recommend hopping on this Saturday to give this new season a go and letting us know your feedback on it. Thanks. :)

The merge of Jungle, Space & WildWest
You can use /redeem in our HUB to transfer your ranks!

Each map is now a voted "theme" done by the players, starting with our first map being Christmas!

December 14th, 4 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

Island Top
In total, we will be having $1,000+ in prizes, EVERY WEEK. Here is the breakdown.
Each island will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands each week. There is no set map end date, so there will only be information on weekly payout information.

First Place - $350 PayPal & $35 BuyCraft + EOTW Exclusive season winner tag
Second Place - $150 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
Third Place - $100 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $50 PayPal & $115 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $25 PayPal & $125 BuyCraft

Reclaims have returned:
Looking to get free stuff? All you need is a rank and some playtime!
Vanity+ Rank has the best reclaim items that can be claimed.
You only need a total playtime of 8 hours to claim your free goodies with /reclaim!
Every single one of our ranks on our store have a reclaim for Unity!

Star Grinding & Star Shop:
To go alongside the primary economy, we will also be having a currency in the form of stars!
These stars will be able to be used in a brand new star shop which will contain exclusive items specific to that shop.
Mining ores, Fighting Mobs & Fishing has never been easier with this new system. Out with the old, in with the new!

New Pets:
There will now be an entirely new set of Inventory Pets.
This will help enhance your gameplay and growth throughout the entirety of the map!

Upgradable Enchantments:
Skyblock Unity will showcase a never before seen enchanting system. All enchants are now upgradable, and we now have enchants for mob grinding, mining, & pvp!




NOTE: You can see ALL enchants, in /enchanter when you click the paper icon called "PREVIEW ENCHANTS".

Custom Fishing:
Fish in /warp pvp for unique items, gkits kits, keys and more!

Skyblock Core Overhaul:
We have optimised our jar, it should now be able to handle substantial amount of activity and players. And we have fine tuned all aspects of our core to enhance YOUR gameplay.

Revamped Bosses:
We have given our traditional skyblock boss system a major overhaul for this coming Unity season.
Alongside these changes, we will also be adding a brand new boss, the Kamikaze Creeper!

Island Upgrade System:
Brand new upgrades to help take your island to an entirely new level will be coming to Unity!
Some of these upgrades include border color, size upgrades, spawner capacity, ore generators, and more.

Island Spawner Progression:
Introducing a new aspect to grinding for the top place with team spawner progression.
Grind mobs together as a team to progress in the spawner list to be able to place higher tier spawners!

New Shop System:
Bringing you an all new innovative shop system with many additions that have been requested from the players.
You can now hook your boosters into the shop and view them whilst selling!

New Boosters System
Overhauled Global & Personal Boosters of which are easily obtainable through many methods!
Gain boosters through Crates, Challenges & Reclaims
Exp Boosters, McMMO Exp Boosters & Sell Boosters of all kinds!

Introducing all new custom GKIT's to spice up all aspects of the game.

New Challenges
Overhauled the whole "Challenge" system.
Introducing personal challenges in replacement of the "Vanity Pass"
Complete your daily challenges for unique unlockable items!

Santa's Discord Rewards
Go to the Santa NPC at spawn and link your discord to recieve, daily, weekly, and monthly rewards.

XP System
XP will now show exactly how much you have, you no longer have to check your actual xp amount by doing /exp, because it will live update and show the exact number you have.

- - - - -
Some notable changes
- - - - -

New grinding changes
(1) This season of Unity, we designed the map around activity and semi-slow based Star Grinding.
We removed the ability for players to get "Stars" from grinding Sugar Cane.
You can now only get them from Mining, Mob Killing & Fishing.

(2) Alongside altering the grinding system, spawner capacities were altered and so was the spawn rate of ALL mobs.
So you no longer have to wait for your mobs to spawn, you can sit and watch the stack go up alongside grinding them too!

(3) Introducing the "Spawner Progression" system has made Unity a more "long-term" grindy map for teams of all sizes.
Teams can now collaboratively grind mobs together to further the progression of which spawners they can place.

New economy changes
(1) This upcoming season, we've made some large economy alterations to better form a "slower" but achievable economy.
(2) Farming has an equal economy system to Spawners, but Spawners will eventually become more profitable in the end-game.
(3) Unity's new "Star" system hooks into the economy well, without creating too much of an unbalanced stance within the economy.

New Team & Island Changes
(1) Teams will be happy to know that our roster size has been updated to now hold 20 players by default. Upgradable to 40 total to hold those teams that merged for this upcoming season.
(2) Islands now have plenty of new upgradable options to help customise and alter the way their island progresses.

Miscellaneous Changes
(1) This season we have altered a large majority of most of our plugins, most of which are optimisations and small tweaks to ensure enhanced gameplay is suitable for each and every player.
(2) Additionally, a large portion of our plugins have been recoded from the ground up.
(3) Most, if not all of the known bugs and issues from previous seasons have been attended to and fixed.

- - - - -
Updates & Events Info
- - - - -

With this upcoming season, we have plenty of updates planned. Stay tuned throughout the map to see what's new!

Bringing new events to this season. Keep your eyes out over the next few days for more information!

- - - - -
Build Sneak Peeks
- - - - -

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Mar 21, 2019
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Thanks for killing my solo game.
With team based spawner progression and 40 PLAYER ROSTERS.
(still hype though)
Sep 3, 2019
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Hello Mr. GameStop employee Thanks for giving me 20$ for 250$+ worth in stuff.
Jun 21, 2019
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Fishing in PVP Zone ? Ya..i'm out, time to find a new Server