Nov 24, 2018
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Skyblock Unity

Hello, On Saturday @ 3 PM EST, we will be launching Skyblock Unity Season 2. Season 2 Unity has kept content from Season 1 however has been altered to fit the playstyle. With our new additions listed below, we are delighted with everything we have come up with for it, and I highly recommend hopping on this Saturday to give this new season a go and letting us know your feedback on it. Thanks.

January 11th, at 3PM EST
Check here what time release is for you.


Island Top
In total, we will be having $400+ in prizes, EVERY WEEK. Here is the breakdown.
Each island will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands each week. There is no set map end date, so there will only be information on weekly payout information. BUYCRAFT IS ENABLED ON ALL ITEMS ON THE STORE. The reasoning behind this, is that we want the seasons to be longer and have a more fun experience for all players as well as have a balance between casual and competitive players.

First Place - $210 PayPal + EOTW Exclusive season winner tag
Second Place - $100 BuyCraft
Third Place - $60 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $35 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $25 BuyCraft

*BRAND NEW* HoloChest

"Running out of room? Use the BRAND NEW HoloChest and maximize the capacity of room in your island"

Inventory Pets

Bringing a wide range of brand new and redesigned inventory pets to enhance your gameplay. We’ve improved the overall look of how our pets look and feel. There are 10+ Unique Pets that are available to obtain!

Better Reclaims

Improved reclaims have been brought into this season, with a much lower reclaim timer, and so much better rewards that are just waiting to be claimed! When you’re in-game, you can access your reclaim after only two hours of playtime by just using /reclaim to get your rewards!

EXP Shop

With the previous season of Unity, we noticed that there was a lack of things to do with your EXP. With the help of our players, and their ideas we’ve come together and created an all new shop system that is in relation to just using your EXP levels!

Skyblock Bosses

Introducing a whole new set of Skyblock Bosses that will improve the warzone drastically!
Prophet Boss, Astro Boss & Cyber Boss

PvP Fishing

Bringing you a new alteration to your PvP gameplay, you can fish for all types of mysterious rewards that can range from GKIT’s, Perks and many other items that would be worth risking your life for. Try it out in /warp pvp!

New Custom Enchantments & Upgradable Enchants

Introducing to you a new collection of Custom Enchantments to enhance grinding and PVP. You will find these new enchantments scattered throughout the different tiers and challenges.

We’ve improved our upgradable enchantments since last season, bringing a few completely brand new custom enchantments to your default upgrades, alongside a few minor alterations to how the system works overall. Use /upgrade in-game!

Island Spawner Progression

With an all new economy, comes new spawners. Introducing you to a new way of handling your progression with your islands spawners. You can no longer place spawners unless that level tier has been unlocked, use /spawnerlevel to see what your current progress status is!

Improved Economy

With many new additions to content, we have decided to improve the economy, whilst improving all sell prices to give a little bump to your ultimate grinding experience. Introducing new spawners, new mob drops and new selling methods!

Build Pictures

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