Important Skyblock v.06 - Week #6 Update


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Sep 27, 2018

(Skyblock v.06)

Hello everyone, welcome back to another amazing week of updates! We will be bringing one of these out every single week so do make sure you are checking in weekly to see the new content we are bringing to our SkyBlock realms. Be sure to read the entire post if you want to be informed with the awesome new updates & patches we pushed out. We have added a few things this week to help with your progression throughout the island levels to make it easier. Also, we have a giveaway happening on this forums post, more info at the bottom of this post (Winner will be DM'd). PLEASE NOTE: Since we have a new realm releasing this weekend we have a smaller update this week while the new realm releases.

Island Level
We have added a brand new Island Level, it is the 11th level. By achieving the new Island Level 11, you will unlock Magma Cube Spawners! These will drop Fire Charges as their first drop loot, and Magma Cream as their second drop loot. The cost of the island level is listed below in the screenshot.

New Skybox:
Our new Skybox: "LEVELUP" has just been released and is much better than the last, it has a large number of EXCLUSIVE REWARDS. Get it while you still can!

Additional Information:
Mainly minor bug fixes this week, with a few bug patches as well. Most of these fixes are now posted in our #changelog channel on our Vanity Discord Server. Just mentioning this again, we do realise that this is a smaller update, this is due to the new realm releasing this weekend. Be on the lookout and come over and join!

GIVEAWAY: Giving away a x1 August Monthly Crate & x1 Skybox "LEVELUP", to the best comment. The comment should be an update / new feature idea, all you have to do is comment on this forums post your best idea for a future update. NOTE: Comment cannot be a bug. If you know a bug on the server, make a ticket on our discord and we will get it fixed ASAP.
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Jun 21, 2019
I think it would be cool if a prestige system for mining and farming could be implemented like the grinding one, for example if you mine a given amount of an ore you can upgrade it to the block form in your mine and gain more ores or you could alter the percentage of that ore in your mine. With farming it could be added so that if a certain player has harvested a given amount of a crop that crop will give more mana per harvest.


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Sep 6, 2019
It would be cool if you added a faster crate opening system. Many people have hundreds of vote/rare crate keys but they ignore them because it would take forever to open them one by one.
Adding a feature which allows us to open like 10 crates at a time would help a lot.