The singlehandedly biggest problem in factions


New member
Oct 30, 2020
Spawner placement delay.
It's such a massive issue.
You have people worth 50 mill sitting at fifth place until last 2 days of the map, where literally 20 factions place down everything they are worth, making them practically unraidable until then. In this specific example, I'm excluding only and literally only the faction chunks from runic, because they were #1 the entire map with no dropoff. Literally EVERY other faction on /f top 1 right now placed their spawners either yesterday or the night of the previous one. There needs to be a solution to this, because it ruins it for people who wanna be normal and play properly. You have the faction "BlackPeeple" acquire a 4 billion dollar net worth, not place a single thing of value until yesterday night, and are now either 3rd or 4th place on f top. How can someone raid them when they wait till their shield is active and they place everything? You can't. They are unraidable just like everyone else because everyone just last second places spawners.