Top voters and staff application replies

Feb 22, 2018

I have two suggestions which could maybe improve a few things on the forums/votes.

As the title says, my first suggestion is to make a monthly top 10 with people who voted most often for the server. The people who are in the top 10 will all get a coupon for in the store. I was thinking about something like the nr 1 will get a 30$ coupon and the nr 2-10 will get a 20$ coupon, but that, of course, is all up to the owners to decide.

My second suggestion is that normal non-staff players are not allowed to reply to staff applications. This seems like a good thing to me since normal players can be friends, enemies and it's a higher chance that non-staff members lie about stuff like behavior than a staff member.

I hope you guys like my suggestions and take them into consideration.


EDIT: I came up with something else which would be nice if it was implemented into the forums; ratings. It would be handy to give your opinion without having to comment on posts with stuff like "I agree".
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Feb 12, 2018
Comments on staff applications aren't taken into consideration when deciding whether or not the player is applicable for staff. It's judged purely on how they are ingame and how their application looks. Staff commenting on applications means nothing.