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Sep 14, 2018

August 29th, 3:00PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

In total, we will be having $2,000 in prizes. Here is the breakdown.
Each faction will be required to set a PayPal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week. The map will last 2 weeks including a 6 day grace period and then 8 days of raiding. There will be 1 payout.
First Place
- $550 PayPal & $250 Buycraft
Second Place - $200 PayPal & $200 Buycraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal & $150 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $100 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $90 Buycraft
Sixth Place - $80 Buycraft
Seventh Place - $70 Buycraft
Eight Place - $60 Buycraft
Ninth Place - $50 Buycraft
Tenth Place - $40 Buycraft

At the end of the week, the top 3 factions on /koth top will be rewarded. Factions will have to fight fiercely with other factions to capture the KoTH and ascend this leader board!
First Place
- $50 Buycraft
Second Place - $30 Buycraft
Third Place - $15 Buycraft

This realm has a heroic and super-hero theme!
We will be having a total of 7 worlds, with a total of twenty-eight corners.
Note: A faction can only have one corner claimed at any given time.
Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000 border. (Sandstone)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Netherrack)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Snow)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Sandstone)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (White Stained Clay)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Light Blue Stained Clay)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Light Grey Stained Clay)

During the first thirty minutes of the map, we will be disabling a few things to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible:

Flying will be completely disabled.
The command /wild will be disabled
Everyone will be invisible at spawn.

We will be having a 6 day grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:

TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
Gen buckets will work when enemy players are near.
Mining spawners will not cost money during this period.
Illegal claims on corners only will be removed.

All of the important information required for this map are listed below:
Players per faction: 20
Faction Roster: 40
Faction Max Power: 3,000
Cannon Speed: 3 seconds
Buffer limit: 25 chunks
Force-field: 12 hours
Alternate accounts per faction: 75
Left Shooting: ALLOWED
Raiding Outpost Enables: August 31st at 3pm EST
Roster Enables: August 31st at 3pm EST

All buycraft purchases will now either need to be claimed or denied via a GUI in game before they are processed. This allows you to receive your purchases at a convenient time and also avoid another player making purchases on your behalf and then charging back resulting in you being blacklisted.

This upcoming Heroic map there's going to be a huge rework to everything Castle has to offer. Instead of two castles, we're going to be having one singular castle located Darkzone which you will do /warp darkzone to go there. When a faction has the Castle captured, they will earn: $250,000 for every faction member online every 15 minutes, Permanent Health Boost 1, Access to Darkzone Fishing, Access to Dungeon Mob Loot & a 25% Sugarcane Sell Price Booster.

Below the castle, there will be a heavily revamped mob dungeon. It will feature special mobs specific for Heroic. Killing these mobs will drop legendary loot. Also down below in the dark depths of the castle dungeons is the abandoned cavern which hosts the Fishing Hole where players can fish for legendary fishing rewards and increased money per fish when sold in /shop. The dungeon mobs will drop spawner shards which can be exchanged at the Spawner Exchange NPC at spawn.

Craft Wands allow players to right click onto a chest to condense all items within a chest that can be converted into blocks. It also converts all of the mineral ores into their respective ingots.

With all these brand new enchantments, to add to them, we will also be introducing custom sets. If you are wearing an entire set, you will have additional bonuses on top of your normal custom enchantments. These bonuses can range from additional damage to enemies to additional mcMMO experience levels from farming. Here's a list of all of the custom sets and their abilities:
Damage Set: Deal an extra 10% damage to your opponents.
Experience Set: Gain an extra 25% experience from mobs.
McMMO Set: Gain an extra 25% mcMMO experience.
Durability Set: Have an extra 25% armor durability.

There will be bosses randomly spawning every couple of hours at random coordinates which will be posted in public chat. The bosses have a certain amount of health depending on the difficulty of the boss. You'll have to fend off Spider Minions and Zombie Minions as they periodically spawn to protect the boss. The players with the most damage to the boss will receive rewards dependent on how much damage they do.

Everything has been reworked this map to allow for the best experience possible. We've reintroduced cactus into a part of our economy. From the harvester hoe upgrades, to the heroic rod upgrades, to the shop sell price, to the castle buffs, to the KoTH rewards and to the monthly crate and key rewards. It's all been balanced to fit an economy that'll be slow paced which is perfectly made for 20 mans!

We will be introducing the alchemist system to custom enchantments. This allows for players to combine low level enchants to create one enchantment at a higher tier. Alongside this system, we have redone almost every single enchantment that has been on Heroic to make sure there is no issues. With all of the enchantments, it will create a new atmosphere for players to compete at KoTH's, Darkzone and whilst raiding. Attached below is a list of the custom enchantments and what they do:
Fire Resistance 1 (Leggings):
Gives you Fire Resistance 1.
Magnet 1 (Pickaxes): Automatically places the blocks you mine into your inventory.
Owl 1 (Helmets): Gives you Night Vision 1.
Saturation 1 (Helmets): Gives you unlimited saturation.
Shatter 1 (Pickaxes): Instantly break glass.
Sponge 1 (Pickaxes): Instantly break sponge.
Water Breathing 1 (Helmets): Gives you Water Breathing 1.
Anti Pearl 1-3 (Bows):
Chance to put your enemy onto enderpeal cool-down.
Combo 1 (Swords): Bonus damage when you get your enemy into a combo.
Ender Efficiency 1-3 (Chestplates): Gives you a shorter enderpearl cool-down.
Ghost 1-3 (Helmets): Reduces your visibility on /near.
Haste 1-3 (Swords, Axes & Pickaxes): Gives you Haste 1, 2 or 3.
Hell Forge 1-3 (Leggings): Regenerate your armor durability when running.
Jelly Legs 1 (Boots): Take no fall damage.
Mob Rusher 1-3 (Swords & Axes): Gain more experience whilst grinding mobs.
Obsidian Breaker 1 (Pickaxes): Instantly break obsidian.
Overkill 1-3 (Swords & Axes): Chance to kill multiple mobs in a stack.
Rampage 1-3 (Chestplates): Chance to give you Strength 3 and Speed 3 after killing an enemy.
Speed 1-2 (Boots): Gives you Speed 1 or 2.
Strength 1-2 (Chestplates): Gives you Strength 1 or 2.
Token Hunter 1-3 (Swords & Axes): Gain more tokens whilst grinding mobs.

Faction Balance Top displays which members in your faction have the most money by doing the command /f balTop.

Faction Missions are something your entire faction can complete as a team. It'll roll through random challenges and choose one which you'll have a day to complete as a faction. Once you've completed the challenge your faction will receive 2,500 Tokens.

This new feature will allow you to manage raid claims easier while avoiding faction strikes. To damage any faction's base (30 chunk radius of their core chunk), you must claim your raid claim with /f raidclaim [radius]. The TNT will display the coordinate and world of the raid claim, the book will show you the help section and the gold will unclaim all raid claims you have! You may have a maximum of two raid claims at any given moment.

This is a new feature that will make the raiding experience a lot smoother! When a faction starts raiding another faction, the defending faction will have some restrictions. Once 45 minutes has passed all of the restrictions will be lifted, you're able to view each stage either on the sidebar or whilst raiding doing /f raidinfo.
If any wall has been shot at within 30 chunks of your core chunk in the last 10 minutes, you will not be able to:

1) Use /stacker or gen buckets within 30 chunks of your core chunk.
2) Place TNT or Chunk Busters within 30 chunks of your core chunk.
3) Unclaim within 30 chunks of your core chunk.
4) Disband your faction.
5) Get raided on either side from another faction.
If any wall has been shot at within 30 chunks of your core chunk in the last 10 to 45 minutes, you will not be able to:

1) Place TNT or Chunk Busters within 30 chunks of your core chunk.
2) Unclaim within 30 chunks of your core chunk.
3) Disband your faction.
4) Get raided on either side from another faction.

Faction Roster is similar to how Force Invites used to work on Demonic, with limiting who can join a faction after a while. Players can set a roster of 40 players that will be able to join their faction. If a player tries to join the faction that is not on this list, they will be denied entry to the faction. Once a total of 40 people have been added to your roster, no more can be added for the remainder of the map. You will be given 2 roster kick each day so make sure you use them wisely.

Faction Status allows for you as a faction leader or co-leader in-game to keep track of how much money your members have, whether they're online and how much power they have by doing the command /f status.

Along with the various custom enchantments, there is also ways to upgrade your fishing rod through the enchantments. There is also now different tiers of fishing including lava, ice, and water. Which can only be done within the Darkzone region. There's customised fishing rewards which are only obtainable from using these fishing rods in Darkzone. The custom enchants on fishing rods include:
Angler 1-25: Catch fish at a faster rate than normal.
Fisherman 1-10: Increase the amount of fishing McMMO you gain whilst fishing.
Seven Seas 1-15: Change to catch an extra fish.

A force-field allows factions to set a certain period of time throughout the day where they cannot be raided at all. TNT and Creeper Eggs will not work within their claims 30 chunks away from your factions core chunk. The command to access the force-field GUI is /f forcefield. With this feature you're able to see what time your force-field is set to and you're able to change it at the cost of $1,000,000 and a 1 day waiting period before it changes.

The gem shop is a virtual area where you're able to spend the gems you obtain from grinding mobs. There's multiple buycraft exclusive items here such as: Gem Helmets, Gem Chestplates, Gem Leggings, Gem Boots, Gem Swords, Gem Bows, Gem Pickaxes, Chunk Busters, Omni Tools, Tray Pickaxes, Creeper Eggs, Warrior Kits, Rank Keys & Vanity Keys.

We have various custom gkits which are accessible through both the store and in-game methods. Each gkit specializes in a specific area, such as Building, Raiding or PvP. The gkits include the following:
Token: This kit gives you 250,000 Tokens every 3 days.
Monthly: This kit gives you a Protection 4 & Unbreaking 4 Armour Set with a Sharpness 5 Sword & 1x July Monthly Crate every 7 days.
Raider: This kit gives you a Protection 4 Unbreaking 4 Armour Set with a Sharpness 5 Sword, Efficiency 6 Shovel, Efficiency 6 Pickaxe, Efficiency 6 Axe, 32x Creeper Eggs, 2x Throwable Creeper Eggs & 1x Lightning Wand every 4 days.
Key: This kit gives you 3x Epic Keys, 2x Rare Keys & 1x Vanity Keys every 4 days.
Warrior: This kit gives you Protection 4 Unbreaking 4 Warrior Set with a Sharpness 5 Looting 6 Sword, Sharpness 5 Looting 10 Axe, Power 5 Unbreaking 4 Bow & 5x Golden Apples every 2 days. [All items have all of the custom enchants]
Builder: This kit gives you 5x Chunkbusters, 1x Omni Tool, 1x Mega Bucket (10000 Uses), 1x Tray Pickaxe (15x15) & 1x Sand Wand (Infinite) every 4 days. [All items have all of the custom enchants]
Archer: This kit gives you a Protection 5 Unbreaking 35 Archer Set with a Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 5 Sword & Power 8 Punch 2 Flame 2 Unbreaking 5 Archer Bow every 2 days.
This kit gives you a Protection 4 Unbreaking 35 Bard Set with a Sharpness 5 Sword, 500x Feathers, 64x Sugar, 64x Ghast Tears, 64x Iron Ingot, 64x Blaze Powder & 16x Golden Apples every 2 days. [All items have all of the custom enchants]

We've decided to go back to simpler times. Back to where it all began, without super unique custom enchantments on harvester hoes. This will help prevent from an entire faction gaining billions of dollars in-game from farming sugarcane. We've also created an entirely new design which is shown below. Every player will spawn in with this harvester hoe upon joining the server, and it will have the following upgrades:
Cultivation 1-5: Increases the amount of McMMO herbalism experience gained whilst harvesting sugarcane.
Essence 1-5: Increases the amount of tokens gained whilst harvesting sugarcane.
Possess 1-5: Increases the amount of drops received whilst harvesting sugarcane.

Lightning Wands cast a lightning strike down onto the ground wherever you right click, this can create supercharged creepers whilst you're raiding! They also have knockback 4 on them, so if you're smart you'd use them to defend your base whilst it's being raided.

Raiding Outpost is a separate world where factions are able to raid a server generated base, with chunks of walls surrounding it. If you're wanting to see the details for the outpost do /raidingoutpost or if you're wanting to teleport to the outpost do /warp raidingoutpost. We've added a raid timer plugin similar to how it is for raiding another factions base. There's two phases, phase one lasts 5 minutes and the total timeout is 10 minutes. To capture the Raiding Outpost your faction will need to set up a cannon and shoot through all of the walls to breach the base. Once you've breached the base your faction will have it captured. However once you capture the Raiding Outpost it will reset all of the walls that you've previously breached, mean therefore that your faction will now have to defend Raiding Outpost from other factions who'll try raiding it. Whilst you have the Raiding Outpost your faction will receive 2x TNT Drop Rates from Creeper Spawners, $30,000,000 every hour you have it captured and random loot within the chest inside of Raiding Outpost.

Each faction will start with zero sand bots, and they can unlock these alts through the /f upgrades. There will be a maximum of 10 sand bots that each faction will be able to unlock. Once they have unlocked at least one sand bot, factions will be able to do /f sandbot to view different things related to their sand alts. This will bring up a GUI to manage the different sand bots. In the GUI, the green button will represent an option to teleport the sand bot to you, and the red dye will despawn the sand bot. The sand bots cannot operate without money to buy sand if there is no money in the /f bank, they will despawn after ten minutes of having no money. If players deposit money and it runs out of the money, their will be a notification in faction chat about this.

The gem shop is a virtual area where you're able to spend the tokens you obtain from harvesting sugarcane. There's multiple buycraft exclusive items here such as: Epic Keys, Rank Keys, Archer Kits, Warrior Kits, Bard Kits & Knockback 2 Books.

The Vanity Pass has been heavily buffed this upcoming Heroic Map to match the economy. It'll now be worth your time to purchase one here! While you're at it get your whole faction grinding to reap the rewards of the pass!

This is a newly added feature earlier this month which was rolled out to all realms. V-Gems are a global currency which allow you to access a shop to purchase items which aren't obtainable through buycraft or in-game methods. To access the shop use the command /vgems shop and to check your V-Gem balance do /vgems bal. These exclusive items include: V-Gem Helmets, V-Gem Chestplates, V-Gem Leggings, V-Gem Boots, V-Gem Swords, V-Gem Axes, V-Gem Wands, 3x Hour Spawner Boosters & Access to the Vanity Pass for a map.

  • Fixed an issue with players getting suffocated after Raiding Outpost regenerates after being captured.​
  • You will now receive 3 health potions and a 15% armour durability boost when you kill another player in LMS.​
  • Cactus has now been reintroduced into the economy.​
  • Notify chunks have been reintroduced use /f notify chunks.​


Jun 27, 2019
Well, this looks really good. Great job staff team / developers / everyone who worked on it :)
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