Important VanityMC: Factions Runic (Season 3)


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Sep 14, 2018

Factions Runic Realm

November 23rd, 3 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

Factions Top
In total, we will be having $965 in prizes EVERY WEEK! Here is the breakdown.
Each faction will be required to set a PayPal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week. The map will last 8 weeks including a 1 day grace period.
First Place - $100 PayPal
Second Place - $75 Buycraft
Third Place - $50 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $35 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $30 BuyCraft
Sixth Place - $25 BuyCraft
Seventh Place - $20 BuyCraft
Eighth Place - $15 BuyCraft
Ninth Place - $10 BuyCraft
Tenth Place - $5 BuyCraft

Herbalism Top
At the end of the week, the top 3 players on /mctop Herbalism will be rewarded. To gain herbalism levels, all a player will need to do is farm different crops, such as sugarcane. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $20 BuyCraft
Third Place - $10 BuyCraft

KoTH Top
At the end of the week, the top 3 factions on /koth top will be rewarded. Factions will have to fight fiercely with other factions to capture the koth and ascend this leaderboard! Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $20 BuyCraft
Third Place - $10 BuyCraft

General Information
This realm is runic/ dark fantasy forest themed.
We will be having one world with zero corners.

Overworld: 20,000 x 20,000
Nether: 2,000 x 2,000 border (cannot claim in nether)

We will be having a one day grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:

TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
Mining Spawners will not cost money during this period.
The command /fps will be disabled.

During the first hour of the map, we will be disabling a few things to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible

Flying will be completely disabled.
The command /wild will be disabled
Everyone will be invisible at spawn.

Factions Information

All of the important information required for this map are listed below:

Players per faction: 15
Faction Roster: DISABLED
Power per player: 120
Alts per faction: 50
Force Invites: DISABLED
Regeneration Walls: ENABLED
Buffer limit: 20 chunks
Cannon Speed: 4 seconds
Economy: Farms & Spawners

Faction Top Point System:
In the next season of Runic, /f top will now display based on how many faction points you have. Your factions total wealth will now be displayed through /f wealth. With this new system, there will be a few new mechanics to this system. Every 7 days, every faction will decay 15% of their total faction points. Every 24 hours, the top 10 factions will receive a set amount of points depending on their position on /f wealth.
1st. 1000 FPoints
2nd. 900 FPoints
3rd. 800 FPoints
4th. 700 FPoints
5th. 600 FPoints
6th. 500 FPoints
7th. 400 FPoints
8th. 300 FPoints
9th. 200 FPoints
10th. 100 FPoints

There will also be a few different ways other than your wealth position that will reward you with points.
Capturing Outpost: 50 FPoints per hour after capture
Capturing KoTH: 300 FPoints per capture.
Exp Grinding: Different points to top 3 factions based on EXP gain.
1st. 200 FPoints
2nd. 150 FPoints
3rd. 100 FPoints
Event Completion: Different points to top 3 factions based on events completed.
1st. 150 FPoints
2nd. 100 FPoints
3rd. 50 FPoints

Faction Upgrades:
Factions will now need to complete missions to earn a chance to upgrade something for their faction. Each upgrade will cost faction points to upgrade.
Faction Chest: Unlock more rows in faction chest.
Homefield Advantage: Grants additional damage in own land.
Warp Master: Increases faction warp limit.
Power Boost: Increases the passive faction power limit.
TNT Smelt: Better conversion rate when TNT smelting.
Alt Boost: Increases amount of alts in faction.
Outpost Control: Decreases the time it takes for a faction to capture or neutralize an Outpost.

Raiding World:
There will now be an all new raid world for the raiding outpost! This world will be 5k x 5k. Factions will be limited to 36 claims in this world, and the outpost will be open for contention every few days. All homes will be removed when you leave the world, and faction commands apart from claiming will be disabled.

Class System:
Players will now be able to choose from 3 classes. These classes will give small buffs, and your class can be rechosen every 7 days.
Paladin: Grants 1.25x mcMMO EXP gain for Swords & Permanent Strength I.
Berserker: Grants 1.25x mcMMO EXP gain for Axes & Permanent Health Boost I.
Marksman: Grants 1.25x mcMMO EXP gain for Bows & Permanent Speed I.

There will now be multiple dungeon types, which will be activated every 6 amount of hours. These new dungeons will have incredible new bosses with unique abilities designed just for them, as well as even better rewards to go along with the new difficulty brought to them. Head to the dungeon master in spawn to begin the challenge!

Faction Core Chunk:
To claim land, you will need to start with a core chunk. This core chunk can only be moved one time by the faction leader. Once TNT goes off in your territory within the 35 chunk radius of the core chunk, mining spawners will be disabled for 60 minutes. Specifically, you cannot mine spawners within 60 minutes of the TNT explosion. If another faction tries to raid the same faction within 60 minutes of another faction, the system will alert them so they can stop.

Juggernaut Event Update:
The juggernaut will also now have more health, and will be more of a challenge to kill. It will now have special abilities such as spawning minions which will target the attackers. Bugs such as the juggernaut sometimes not spawning, and passing through blocks will also be fixed.

Enchantment System:
We have added over 20 brand new custom enchantments for players to obtain, and use! There will now be a limit of enchantments per piece of armour/ gear. Each enchantment will now be colour coded depending on its tier. In the alchemist you will be able to combine the same enchantment type and level for the next higher tier level. To apply an enchantment, simply drag it to wherever you want to place it, and click to apply!

Custom Set Bonuses:
If you are wearing an entire set, you will have additional bonuses on top of your normal custom enchantments. These bonuses can range from additional effects to yourself or your opponent, and even custom abilities which can take down your opponent!
Cage Set: Allows you to deal 15% more damage, and take 5% less damage. When the entire set procs, it will capture the opponent in a 7x7 cage which will last for 4 seconds and gives the opponent wither effect.
Grim Set: Allows you to deal 25% more damage. When the entire set procs, it will allow you to deal an additional 5% damage on top of the original 25%.
KoTH Set: Reduces the time of debuff effects by half. Reduces damage taken by 10%.

Revamped Token Shop:
There willl now be a brand new set of items, exclusive to the token shop, in the next season of Runic! We have also made it much more easy to obtain tokens, which will help you with buying the various items in the token shop!

Upgradeable Harvester Hoes:
We will be bringing our classic, upgradeable harvester hoe system to the new season of Runic! You will be able to apply different enchantments to your hoe, then upgrade those enchantments for an even better boost while farming!

Additional Additions:

  • Added ability to obtain bedrock from nether roof, has 25% chance to drop & 250 durability. Once placed, has 100 durability.
  • Added temporary homes which last for 30 minutes, and can be set in any land.

Additional Changes:

  • Changed clearlag to remove an item if it has been on the ground for 60 seconds.
  • Changed homes to automatically be removed when not in your own territory.
  • Changed hopper & crop hopper speeds.
  • Changed mob stack merging to 8x8x16.
  • Overhaul of event schedule & event rewards system.

Additional Removals:

  • Removed ability to /back to a place from before reboot.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed item stack combining past 64.
  • Fixed issue with lava flow getting stuck at the border.


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