VanityMC : Map 7 Update

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VanityMC Map 7

Hello everyone, this season of VanityMC will ensue on March 24 @ 1:00 PM EST!

Please note that : If the trailer above is re-uploaded, please post it in the #trailer-uploads channel of discord and upon that you will receive an Epic Key.

General Information

This season will contain similar aspects to the last map, and will continue to have all the fun and exciting features that continuously brings and keeps the users playing.

Grace Period

Grace period will last for about a week from the time that the server opens, during this time TNT, Creeper Eggs and any other explosives will be disabled.

VanityMC F-Top Rewards ($2,000 PayPal & $1,000 Buycraft)

PayPal & Buycraft Rewards

First Place - 250 Paypal & 130 Buycraft

Second Place - 150 Paypal & 70 Buycraft

Third Place -100 Paypal & 50 Buycraft

Change Log

Faction check (/f check)


Candy Warp

download (1).png


download (2).png

For the previous changes made on the last map, you can check it out here - >

If there's any more questions that arise due to this forum post, please contact the team on the discord, or simply in game.

Thank you,

- Management

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