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Dec 4, 2018

Introducing Oblivion, our first faction server based on a modern version of minecraft. Not only did we keep what's important like 1.7 pvp and cannoning, but we brought back some OG popular elements of the game and threw in all the exciting new features of Minecraft's latest version, 1.16.3. Factions has morphed into something far different than its origins but somehow remained stuck in 2012. We at Vanity decided to take a long look at all aspects of the gamemode and spent the last few months coming up with what we think is the future of factions. Oblivion was created by and for true factions enthusiasts. Join us and be part of the revolution!

Our Goal
It became our goal to inject some new life into the game, in part by FINALLY updating factions to the latest version of Minecraft. Throughout the project, we meticulously replicated the popular PvP mechanics and cannoning we grew to love in 1.7. Every effort was made to preserve the core aspects of the game we all know and love while also allowing players to innovate ways to outsmart their opponents. We wanted to make factions a game of strategy and innovation again and less of a game of grinding eco for 8 hours a day and massive faction sizes.

New Strategies/New Blocks
With the integration of 1.16 into factions, this will be a learning curve for everyone. There are going to be new crops, weapons, tools, armor, blocks and mobs. The environment we want to promote is one where you can play smarter by coming up with new ideas. In recent years, base defenses and cannon tech have basically been restricted down to the point where playing requires little creativity or innovation. You’re only allowed to use a couple types of cannons and defend with regular walls. On Oblivion, it’s no longer about how many people you can log on at one time. The factions who are able to outsmart their opponents are going to be the ones coming out on top.

Old School
Another goal of the team was to bring back some of the dynamics of the game that have been lost to new features. Some things like grace periods and banning insiding seemed like great ideas, but ultimately the ripple effect of these changed. Extensive rules about cannoning and defending dumbed the game down and made huge elements become completely devoid of strategy and innovation.

This was indeed a labor of love for a gamemode that the entire team is passionate about, but we need you as well. We want you to know that we’ve been listening to your suggestions, and we hope you continue to help us make Oblivion even better moving forward.

You’re going to love it! Someday you can say you played it first. Factions Oblivion will be something we will continually update, whether it be new content, events or server optimization, we are here to make this last. Keep an eye on the forums and on discord to stay updated.

September 19th @ 3:00PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!
Check here to view the release countdown!

This realm has an end and darkness theme!
We will be having a total of three worlds, all with standard terrain.
Corners will not be claimable.

Overworld: 32,000 x 32,000 map size | 16,000 world border
Nether: 4,000 x 4,000 map size | 2,000 world border
End: 4,000 x 4,000 map size | 2,000 world border

Note: The end is not claimable and nether portals are enabled, meaning you must claim your nether to avoid being portal raided.

Map Length: The map length will be indefinite, and will go on for as long as the community wants, once the community decides they want it to end we will host a big end of the map event of sorts!

All of the important information required for this map are listed below:

Faction Size: 30
Roster Size: None
Cannon Speed: 3 Seconds
Buffer Limit: 30 Chunks
Grace Period: None
Force-field: None
Allies: Unlimited
Account Sharing: Allowed
Insiding: Allowed (with plugins to protect yourself)
Cannons: Cannot be built inside your buffer

Cannon mechanics will remain the same as they are now on any other factions server, meaning that all the existing cannons that you use will work just fine without any modifications. Cannoning will be unrestricted in all forms besides roof cannons and multiple wall one shots which are not allowed. This means you are free to use all types of triangle, reverse, reverse nuke, leftshoot, midair, etc. mechanics. PvP mechanics have been reverted back to how they were in 1.7, with the contentious features such as the second hand slot, shields, and attack delay removed. When holding right click with any sword, a shield will appear in your hand to mimic sword blocking.

With the addition of the new blocks introduced by moving to 1.16, there will also be new methods of defending your base. Try experimenting with the features 1.16 has to offer to figure out how to protect your base better than others. One of these new blocks, Crying Obsidian, will take two consecutive TNT shots to destroy (regardless of power). Netherite scrap is another brand new Minecraft block found in the Nether. You can craft these into rare netherite blocks, which take five consecutive TNT shots to destroy. Additionally, we have removed all the restrictions preventing redstone defenses, unless you are trying to use it to detect a raid (like putting redstone on top of your sand walls). Get creative! Show us what you can come up with.

Similar to the castle on Demonic, Heroic, and Runic, the temple is a running event that grants passive rewards and abilities to any faction that controls it. When held, the temple will give 1.5x McMMO boost, 2x experience boost, and entry to an underground fishing pond that can only be accessed by the controlling faction. Casting your rod in the fishing pond will give you a chance to reel in exclusive items you can't obtain elsewhere, such as ancient relics, totems of undying, custom enchantments, and other rare cosmetics. The temple will also feature a loot chest that spawns with a new item every minute! This chest has a chance to spawn netherite, creeper eggs, money, experience, TNT, and much more!
The more players inside the temple, the quicker it captures!

We’ve gone all out to make the economy balanced, diverse, and less boring by incorporating the blocks, mobs and ores introduced in newer versions. In addition, there are now three new crop options available for generating wealth! You're no longer forced to hit cane all day! You can farm bamboo, chorus fruit and kelp in addition to sugar cane. These four crops will make you approximately the same amount of money respective to the time spent farming. In order to keep performance as smooth as possible for all players, a piston limit will be observed across all of a factions claimed land. This means that automatic farms that utilize pistons are allowed, however you cannot infinitely expand upon them. Cactus will also be a viable farming option, and has been carefully balanced along with the other crops. Special items such as harvester hoes, harvester axes, and 3x3 shockwave tools will be available for purchase in-game. Creeper spawners have been made expensive to make TNT less common.

We are not huge fans of custom enchants, but we are incorporating a few that we think will add some new life to the game without ruining things like PvP, mining and fishing.​

Harvester: The level I enchantment will collect broken crops and place them in your inventory, while the level II enchantment will automatically sell the crops.

Obsidian Breaker: Instantly destroys obsidian and crying obsidian.

Wall Breaker: Destroys all similar blocks below the block you have broken.

Shockwave: Destroys blocks in a 3x3 block area.

Speed: Applicable to boots, this enchantment grants speed I and speed II at levels I and II, respectively.

Vision: Applicable to helmets, this enchantment allows the wearer to see players at level I, and mobs at level II.

Conquest is a point-based event similar to King of The Hill (KoTH). There are four capture points all within relative proximity of each other, and have their own capture time. Upon capture, a faction will gain points towards their total score. There are two ways to win the conquest. The faction with the most points at the end of the given time period wins. Or, if a faction reaches a high amount of points, they can win the conquest without having to wait the full duration. Conquests will be announced in discord and appear on the in-game events list.

The mysterious traveler is an adaptation of the archaeologist which some of you may remember on Demonic. The traveler has a thirst for ancient relics which you can collect by completing certain activities or reaching certain milestones. Once obtaining an ancient relic, you can wait for the arrival of the Mysterious Traveler in the warzone and trade them in for rewards!

KoTH (King of the Hill) is a PvP event. Your faction will have to try and capture a designated area for a set period of time. Other factions will try to knock you off and obtain the capture point for themselves, however we are introducing a slight twist. The more members of your faction standing on the capture point, the faster you will be able to capture the KoTH. There will only be one KoTH outside of warzone and it will occur once per day.

As opposed to resetting each map as done on Demonic, Heroic, and Runic, McMMO will be handled differently on Oblivion. Besides a select few skills, McMMO will not reset between maps and you will be able to retain the hard work you put into grinding it. Don’t worry! We are making sure that McMMO is not too overpowered and will only grant you a slight edge, especially the combat skills. All McMMO skills will be enabled with the exception of unarmed and taming.

Envoys will spawn periodically outside of spawn in the warzone. They’ll contain rare, valuable items, such as money, tools, armor, etc. Test your PvP skills and secure some envoy loot before your enemies beat you to it, or kill you for it! Keep an eye out for envoy events with the in-game /events command.

Roam is a server side freecam mechanic that players can freely enter and exit while out of combat. This allows players to view bases or cannon boxes without the need to world download. Emptying your inventory or removing armor is not required to enter roam.

Vertical and horizontal gen buckets will be available with all the necessary blocks such as cobblestone, obsidian, sand and netherrack.

The Printer feature of schematica or similar mods will be disabled to avoid the speed at which cannons, farms, etc. can be built. Of course, these mods may still be used in every other capacity, including use to load in ghost images.

Elytra are pairs of wings that allow players to fly almost anywhere on the map. Applicable to your chestplate armor slot, elytras can only gain altitude through the use of fireworks. Elytras can be used anywhere in the wilderness. If you enter land owned by another faction, you will continue to glide however you cannot use fireworks. You will not be able to initiate another elytra flight until you're out of enemy claims. While they can be utilized, elytras are not as necessary for use within your own land as all factions have access to free faction flight.

With the introduction of the new 1.16 features we’re going to be adding netherite weapons, armor, and tools, along with a whole other host of new content. Combat related items such as tridents, crossbows and totems of undying can also be obtained. Donor kits will only contain diamond gear, so get to the nether quickly and mine up as much netherite scrap as you can to get an edge over your opponents!

Any third party mod that tracks TNT or falling block entities will be disabled server side to avoid any unwanted raid detection methods. Additionally, these modifications will not be allowed for use as outlined in our rules document.

You can collect the heads of your enemies by beheading them with an axe - no custom enchants are required.

Ender pearl mechanics have been reverted back to a more optimal state, allowing for ender pearls to be thrown through small openings created by slabs, stairs, or similar blocks.

Accessible through the in-game shop, players may purchase sandbots which can place sand automatically for you, making raiding less inconvenient for players.

To provide some security to factions who are weary of recruits stealing items, we have created a system similar to /f access. Instead of only being able to access or deny players to chunks, you can use regions to access players to any area you choose. Simply grab yourself a blaze rod and right click to create your selection (like world edit), up to a total of 32 different regions. All players are denied access by default, so you must access the players you want in order for them to be able to build. Alternatively, you may also choose to edit your faction permissions to give certain roles overrides to faction regions.

The faction menu is an all-in-one GUI containing all the important faction information, including members, allies, claims, and warps just to name a few. Easily manage faction permissions, regions, and everything related to your faction in this ever expanding interface!

Similar to the /fps GUI used on the current faction servers, /settings is a generalized GUI which includes options to toggle more features than just TNT and sand visibility.​

Damage Numbers: Show the damage a player takes when you attack them

Double Tap Drop: Protects accidentally dropping certain items such as swords, armor, and tools.

  • Hoppers will not pick up spawners, armor, or weapons.
  • Valuable items such as spawners, hoppers, and armor will not be destroyed when thrown or dropped into lava.
  • Shulker boxes cannot be placed inside other shulker boxes
  • Piglin trading is disabled
  • Anti X-Ray
  • Villager trading is disabled
  • The frost walker enchantment is disabled
  • Spawners can be mined with your fist at no cost, but take 1 minute to break.
  • Redstone in your own claimed land will not be visible to enemies
  • You are automatically put into flight when entering your own faction land - no need to type /f fly!



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May 3, 2020
i play creative servers all day... but honestly I think I'm going to full time move to factions oblivion... I'm so hyped..
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