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Oct 19, 2019

Prison Genesis

Vanity Prison is coming to you once again with another content-packed reset! This event will be taking place on Saturday, May 9th. Within this reset of our Prison Genesis realm, will be all new, never before seen features to any prison ever, as well as much more in-depth gameplay! Be sure to log on with your friends this upcoming weekend to compete for a CASH PRIZE! Alongside our past prison resets, Buycraft Gift cards will be available to be used on select purchases, Sell Boosters are seasonal, and Sell All Cooldowns have been reset!

May 9th | Saturday | 4 PM EST


Cell Top

With the release of this new Prison Genesis, we will be having larger amounts of payouts and much more possibilities for people to earn their prize! This season we will be having 10 man cells! Get your team together and compete against others in order to get that Number 1 Spot!

In total, we will be having $1,000 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $175 PayPal, $100 BuyCraft
Second Place - $75 PayPal, $75 BuyCraft
Third Place -$50 PayPal, $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $75 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $50 BuyCraft
Sixth Place - $40 BuyCraft
Seventh Place - $35 BuyCraft
Eighth Place - $30 BuyCraft
Ninth Place - $25 BuyCraft
Tenth Place - $20 BuyCraft

Prestige Top
Each week, the 5 players with the highest prestige will receive $100 in weekly prizes. Prizes have been INCREASED and extended through to top 5! Here is the breakdown:
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $25 BuyCraft
Third Place - $20 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $15 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $10 BuyCraft

Block Top
Each week, the top 5 players with most blocks mined will receive $100 in weekly prizes. Prizes have been INCREASED and extended through to top 5! Here is the breakdown:
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $25 BuyCraft
Third Place - $20 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $15 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $10 BuyCraft

Pickaxe Tiers:

With the introduction of Season 3 of Prison Genesis, comes a new pickaxe tiering system! These pickaxe tiers will only be upgraded through mining! There are 5 tiers to every pickaxe, for each level that a player unlocks, they will receive a bonus slot to insert a Celestial Gem! You are limited to only 5 slots for celestial gems so make sure you pick and choose which ones you want wisely!

One of our biggest changes to this brand new season of Prison is the addition of celestial gems! These gems do a varying amount of things depending on their type as well as their tier! There are 8 Different Celestial Gems, and each have their corresponding crafting fragments. These fragments will be gathered in the WarZone, through mining and combat with other players! Scattered around the Warzone are precious ores that people can gather and utilize!

Celestial Crafting:
Alongside this brand new system is their crafting system! To craft a celestial gem, you must put 9 celestial fragments into a crafting table in a 3x3 grid. It will then you give you that tier Gem. In order to upgrade the tier of your gem, you must surround it with the next tier of fragment. Furthermore, if you wish to craft higher tier fragments, you must put 4 fragments together in a 2x2 grid. Here are some of the more useful crafts you guys will be doing!

Celestial Gems:

Celestial gems are custom items with all sorts of different boosts! Below is a list of each different type, as well as their different abilities! Choose which type and what abilities you would like to use on your pickaxe! Celestial gems all have different passive abilities that can be upgraded through silver! The Astral Skills of the celestial gems will change based upon the tier of gem. These gems are to be used in conjunction with different enchants! Here is a quick look into what these different types will do!

Token Pouch Modifier

Astral Skill :
Chance to double the Token Pouch Enchantment
Passive Ability : Token Booster

Jackhammer Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
When this enchant procs, it will turn the layer into gold blocks, which will give 100 tokens per block.
Passive Ability : Token Booster

MultiDirectional Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
When this enchant procs, the blocks affected will turn into gold blocks and give 100 tokens per block.
Passive Ability : Token Booster

Lucky Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
Chance to find a Lucky Box while mining
Passive Ability : Increased rewards from Crystals

Beacon & Ender Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
Chance to find bedrock while mining
Passive Ability : Cell Value Booster

Explosive Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
Has a chance to nuke the entire mine
Passive Ability : Cell Value Booster

Merchant Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
Percent chance to multiply the player's sell booster
Passive Ability : Sell Booster

Backpack Enchant Modifier

Astral Skill :
Has a chance to permanently increase your backpack slots
Passive Ability : Sell Booster

PvP Skills:
A brand new feature and aspect of Gameplay to Prison Genesis! Jump in and select a class that will match up with your game style! There are 3 classes for people to choose from in which they will receive different bonuses and have access to different sets of skills and abilities! Players will compete to be the first one with their maxed out skills and reign over the Warzone! To upgrade your different skills, you will need to obtain EXP through killing mobs in the warzone, or from crates! Each one of these classes have their own active ability, known as a Parallax.

If you are selecting the Paladin class you like to be in the front lines of the fight. The skills that come along with this are catered toward this style of gameplay. Jump in and lead your team to victory!
Parallax: Thunder Blast
The thunder blast parallax will summon a massive storm of lightning bolts, doing massive damage to all nearby enemies.
This skill will grant the player with bonus damage!
Take a reduced amount of damage with this skill!
Crippling Strikes:
Striking enemies with your weapon can subdue your foes with slowness!
Righteous Charge:
This skill will do an increased amount of damage on the first strike after sprinting.
Paladin's Honor:
Gain Absorption when upgrading this skill!

The assassin class is someone who likes to be sneaky and get a jump on their enemies! Utilize the various stealth abilities to gain an advantage over other teams and surprise them when they least expect it!
Parallax: Shadow's Whisper
Players turn completely invisible and gains a speed buff, when hitting an enemy the stealth mode will wear off, and grant the user with a massive strength bonus for 5 seconds.
Chance of applying a strong poison effect upon strike!
Critical Strike:
Critical hits do bonus damage based on level
Take more damage but deal more damage!
When standing behind enemies, deal bonus damage!
Relentless Hunt:
Upon killing an enemy, the user will receive speed!

The Priest class is for someone who likes to be the backbone of the team. This class comes with different unique skills and abilities that will allow the user to grant their teammates with strengths and various buffs in order to gain an advantage over opposing teams!
Parallax: Divine Rally
This ability will give all nearby teammates a massive buff! Gain various effects such as Speed, Strength, Resistance, and Fire Resistance.
Holy Light:

Have a chance of granting yourself and teammates regen!
Star's Blessing:
When killing enemies, you and your teammates will receive HP.
Cleansing Strikes:
When hitting enemies, you will have a chance to remove all buffs!
Soul Shackle:
Has a chance to root an enemy in place and allows you to do bonus damage!
Lunar Grace:
Chance to reflect damage taken onto enemies!

Crate System:
This season features our all new crate system! Players will no longer need to sit and spend hours opening their keys! We have introduced new functionality and crates will be something players look forward to opening!

Prestige Enchants:
A Brand New feature to prisons this season is the addition of prestige enchants! Gameplay will now be more comprehensive and will require a lot more thought put into how you and your team will go about upgrading your pickaxes! In order to unlock any of these prestige enchants you must first obtain the max level, there-after your specific enchantment will be reset to level 1 if you decide to prestige your pickaxe, and you must grind your way back up! There are five prestige levels to each one of the enchants! Below is a more in-depth explanation of what these prestige enchantments have to offer! Prestige enchants have been adjusted to scale and will progressively become more expensive as you upgrade them!

Contraband Finder:
Contraband Finder is an enchant that returned to Prison Genesis! As per player request, we have come out with new prestiges for this enchantment! As you prestige it, the enchant will have an increased chance of giving you higher tier crystals!

Craft's Paypal:
This enchant has been around since the beginning and is now here with all new levels! Prestige this enchant to receive much higher sums of cash per proc!

We all know and love this enchantment and how big of an impact it has had on prisons over the seasons! Well it has just gotten better! When prestiging, it will have a chance to break 3 Layers of the entire mine instead of just one! The Percentage chance will increase based on what prestige level this enchantment is.

Explosive has always been the little brother to jackhammer and wasn't seen as the best, with its prestige it will now become more uniform and will perform in the shape of a cube! As you progress through the prestiges, the size of the cube will increase!

Multi Directional:
The multi directional enchantment has been on prisons for a long time, now having a similar effect to jackhammer, through prestiging it, it will have a chance to break 3 layers of the mine in one proc, allowing for much more efficient mining and strategy!

With players previously getting to a point where they were limited to how high you could get the fortune enchantment, when prestiged, it will now fill a percentage of your backpack. The percentage will increase based on the level of the prestige. You will no longer be limited by this enchant!

If you have this enchantment on your pickaxe and it has been prestiged, a percentage of the money you make from selling the items in your inventory and backpack will be turned into tokens! The higher you prestige this enchantment, the higher the percentage of tokens you shall receive!

Token Pouch:
Token pouch as a base receives a range of tokens for every time the enchant procs, now as you upgrade this enchant, that loot pool will increase and the amount of tokens you will receive will increase significantly!

Once prestiged, tokenator will have an increased chance of getting double tokens and will go up as the level does. Players will be able to earn tokens at a much faster rate and rise up!

The keygen enchantment typically has a chance of giving players keys while mining, when prestiging this enchantment, it will have a chance to provide the player with double keys!

Op Sell:
Op Sell as an enchant provides a set sell booster to your current one. With the prestiges, it will now give a percentage increase to not only your permanent sell booster, but your temporary ones as well! The higher the level of this enchant, the higher the percentage increase will be!

Auto Sell:
With the introduction of prestige enchantments, auto sell is the one the community has been asking for the most! As you prestige the enchantment it will now sell a percentage of your inventory, and once it is fully maxed, it will sell your entire inventory!

The lucky enchantment when pretiged will have an increased chance of procing and will happen at a much faster rate! Earn various rewards from lucky blocks that you earn such as tokens, drugs, and money!

The ender enchantment is one that has a chance to prock and give you dragon eggs (cell value) as you mine. When you prestige this enchantment, the more dragon eggs you will receive every time the enchant goes off!

The beacon enchantment is brand new prestige enchant that will reward the player with beacons anytime this enchant is procked during mining! Beacons provide players with cell value which they must place on their island. When this enchantment is prestiged, the player shall receive an increased amount of beacons.

Last Man Standing:
The lms event has returned! With a buffed prize pool and a brand new build! Compete against enemies and even cell members in order to win! In this event, you will not be able to see nametags or skins and will compete with various kits in order to win! Make sure to participate when you can!

Key Alls:
Key alls have been buffed and have been changed to occur at different times and more frequently! Players must now stay online for longer durations of time in order to take full advantage of the key alls!

Donor Vote Party:
A brand new feature to Vanity Prisons! The donor vote party is something new that acts in a similar to our current vote parties. Depending on your donor rank, you will receive different rewards! These Donor Vote Parties occur more frequently than regular vote parties, and provide players with better rewards! The better your donor rank is, the better rewards you will receive from it!

Mine Party:
An all new event to Prisons Genesis is the Event Mine! Every 12 hours this event will start and players will compete to receive the rewards! Players will teleport to this giant mine and compete with each other to unearth the rewards! Finding various types of blocks within the mine will lead to players finding different rewards! Earn tokens and various precious goods!

PvP and PvE:
PvP on this brand new prison realm has been completely reworked and fully integrated with the cell system! Alongside mining being the main source of income for players, they will also have the option of exploring the player-versus-player and player-versus-mob aspects of the brand new Prisons Genesis Realm! In tandem with all the new mobs and aspects of gameplay, we have a brand new warzone for players to explore and understand the lay of the land! With the release of Season 2 of Prisons Genesis comes all new custom coded mobs and loot pools for players to experience!

WarZone Event:
With the introduction of Season 2, comes all new warzone events! Scattered accross the warzone are different loot areas that are protected by enemies! You must battle your way through to obtain loot and unlock different upgrades. Every 12 Hours in the WarZone, will be an event in which hordes of mobs will spawn and everyone must work together in order to come out on top! There is a GIANT prize pool that players will compete for! Everyone who participates will earn something!

Cell Armory:
The all new cell armory is the fix to unfair combat in the warzone! In the past players were able to obtain extremely OP gear at the beginning of the map, but no more! Now, cells must work together to upgrade their cell armor and weapons! This will be done using silver and your team as a whole must progress in unison! There is a lot for your team to explore and unlock with this new cell armory system to try and gain an advantage over other cells! The cell armory has been reworked and updated with new loadouts!

Within the brand new warzone will be a king of the hill event! This event will occur every 6 hours and will give amazing rewards! Compete against other cells to capture it and earn a koth key! Jam-packed in this key will be money, tokens, cell value, ranks, and much more! The rewards in this crate will get buffed as the map progresses and the economy grows! Koth is located at the top of warzone, you must climb your way there!

To go alongside with the introduction of PvE and PvE will be the outpost! Capture this outpost as a cell and compete against others to maintain control! In doing so, the whole cell will be rewarded with a 2x Sell Booster and 20% Bonus Tokens! This season will include a brand new outpost which features all new rewards! Capturing this sky outpost will grant the cell controlling it with an Enchant Bonus, which will increase the procs of all their enchants!

Loot Crates:
Loot crates are a brand new system brought to Prisons Genesis! This is a warzone event, in which scattered across the warzone will be loot drops that you must explore and find, but it wont be that easy! Protecting this precious loot will be mobs and competing players who also want it! Be prepared to fight your way through and compete to come out on top!

Cell Relic:
The Cell Relic is a historical passive income producer(not generators) that can be bought from the silver shop! You can upgrade these income producers using catalysts and runestones to provide either a temporary or permanent boost. Catalysts are items that can be found in the warzone that will provide the cell relic with a temporary speed boost! The runestones however can be found also in warzone and various crates, and will be permanent upgrades to the cell relic. There are four types of runestones: Ignis, Terra, Aqua, Caelum.

Vanity Pass:
There are two different types to the vanity pass, a free pass and a paid pass. The paid pass will available for purchase on the web store, and will give players a substantial advantage! The rewards within this pass includes tokens and hidden bonuses within it that a player may only obtain through upgrading their paid pass.

Server Challenges:
Server challenges are something players have been waiting for! They are server-wide events that every one will participate in to contribute to a common goal! The challenges will vary and change every day! If completed, every person who participated will receive a reward!

Cell Challenges:
Similar to server challenges, are the cell challenges. They are different things the cell leader will choose for their cell to complete, and in doing so will be rewarded various items! There are tons of them to choose from so make sure to log on with your team and get them done!

Prison Backpacks:
Bringing back our once loved Backpacks, but they have been upgraded! Backpacks have been buffed and the sell upgrades have been reverted. As you upgrade your backpack and reach certain milestones, you’ll unlock a bonus sell boost on all items! Backpacks have been now been made to scale as you upgrade them! The cost of upgrading will increase by 10k every 100k slots on your backpack.

Cell Value:
Cell Value is the system we use to track any given cell's progression as the map continues! You can earn cell value a number of ways, whether it be from crates, keys, or simply just mining! There are three different items that will give you cell value currently in the game, the first being Sponges. Sponges can be found in crates and various keys, and when placed on your cell, gives 1,000 cell value. Beacons are the next form of physical cell value, it can be found in crates, keys, mining, and many more! This item will provide a cell with 10,000 cell value when placed. Dragon Eggs are the third and rendition of cell value. This is a more rare item but can still be gathered a number of ways as a more rare drop! It can be found in keys, crates, contraband, and mining and will give 100,000 cell value when placed. A BRAND NEW addition to this season of Prison is the introduction of the new value block, being bedrock. This Bedrock will be extremely rare to obtain and will be worth 1,000,000 Cell Value. At the end of every week, a cell's position on cell top will be based on their cell value, and we pick our winners that way!

Crystals are a reward players receive through mining and can be used in several different ways. The player may choose to open these crystals up directly at one of the crystal stations located at spawn. They may also choose to combine four crystals of the same tier to obtain one crystal of the next tier. There are four tiers of crystals with varying odds of finding them whilst mining.

The prestiging system is implemented for players to further progress than just the Z Mine! In doing so a player's progression such as money and tokens will NOT be reset. To make this process faster you may also prestige with all your money at once! You will receive various rewards for prestiging such as keys, tokens, and crystals! If you're going to be prestiging multiple times at once, you can use our new /maxprestige which will automatically prestige you to the highest rank possible with your current balance!

Coinflips are a system we have implemented in the game that allows players to bet against each other! You can use the coinflip commands to bet against your friends, or opponents! You may go against each other head to head for either money or tokens!

A brand new system to Prisons Genesis is our disenchanting system! Made a mistake and clicked the wrong enchant? No problem! You can now remove enchants with ease using the /disenchanter command!

Prisons Genesis Updated Builds:
Our Build Team has been hard at work to present you all with these amazing new builds!

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