Important VanityMC: Prison Mythic (Season 4)


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Sep 14, 2018

Prison Mythic

September 14th, at 3pm EST
Check here what time release is for you.

Cell Top
In total, we will be having $575 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $150 PayPal + $90 Buycraft
Second Place - $90 PayPal + $60 Buycraft
Third Place - $70 PayPal + $40 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $30 PayPal + $20 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $25 Buycraft

Prestige Top
Each week the top prestige will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - 10$ Buycraft

Block Top
Each week, the players with most blocks mined will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - $10 Buycraft

We are now having generators on Mythic. These generators will instantly grant your cell a substantial amount of cell value, upon placement. Additionally, when you mined the block stack, you will receive abundant, great rewards. Some of the rewards may include tokens, money, cell value, etc.

Warzone Mines:
In the next season of Mythic, the PvP mines will work in a completely different fashion. There will now be a sort of match making like system for each PvP mine. These groups will be determined based on their letter based rank (A-Z), and their prestige level. Each player in each group will have access to a PvP mine that is better than their default current mine. EVERYTHING will drop upon death in these special mines.
A - M: Coal
N - Z: Redstone
Prestige 1 - 10: Lapis
Prestige 11 - 30: Iron
Prestige 31 - 70: Gold
Prestige 71 - 120: Diamond
Prestige 121+: Emerald
Coal: 1.1x
Redstone: 1.2x
Lapis: 1.4x
Iron: 1.5x
Gold: 1.7x
Diamond: 1.8x
Emerald: 2.0x

You will be able to win insurance for the new warzone mines. Insurance can be won from crates and contrabands. You will be able to put insurance on pets, pickaxes, and backpacks. Insurance will make it so that the specific item will not drop upon death.

Book Enchantments:
There will now be new book enchantments in the next season of Mythic. These new book enchantments will need to be purchased in a token shop. These enchantments will be an addition to our current set of enchantments on Mythic. It will give an enchantment book, which will have, the level of the enchantment, and a random success chance for the book. Once applied, if someone wants to apply a higher level of an enchantment on their pickaxe, they will need to have the prior level of the enchantment they wish to add already on the pickaxe.
Gem Finder (1-6): Have a chance to find a booster gem while mining.
Contraband Finder (1-6): Gives higher percent chance to find a contraband while mining.
OP Sell (1): Chance to instantly sell your inventory for x2 worth.
Miners Regen (1-3): Gives regeneration while mining.
Health Boost (1-3): Gives health boost while mining, for a certain amount of time.
Keygen (1-3): Chance to find a crate key while mining.
Lucky (1-8): Chance to find a lucky block while mining.
Beacon (1-4): Chance to find a beacon while mining.
Ender (1-4): Chance to find a dragon egg while mining.
Duplicate (1): Chance to give x2 cell value from value block.

Booster Gems:
Introducing our brand new boost system for your token pickaxes on prison Mythic. There is now a tiered system involving booster gems that players will be able to purchase. Upon receiving a tiered booster gem, they will randomly receive one of three new boosts followed with a random percentage upon identifying. You can combine the same tiered booster gems to get a higher-tiered booster gem! The higher the tiered booster gem, the greater the percent the enchant will affect the pickaxe!
(Unrevealed Gem) -

(Revealed Gem) -

Crystal Crafting:
Players are now able to fuse lower-tier crystals to create higher tier crystals. Players can craft tier 2 crystals, tier 3 crystals, and even tier 4 crystals! Players can combine these crystals through normal crafting tables. Along with the new crystal crafting, crystals have been given all new names for the four individual tiers.

Booster Gem Crafting:
Much like normal crystal crafting, players will now be able to combine 4 of the same tier booster gem to get the next level of gem. To combine your booster gems, you will need to combine them in a crafting table, following the displayed recipe below.

Activating Booster Gems:
Whenever you obtain a booster gem, you will have by default one slot for a booster gem. You can equip the gem through the menu in /upgrades, as well as unlock additional slots with tokens. You can also obtain booster gems from mining, and through the booster gem shop in /upgrades.

Armor Enchants:
We are now introducing custom armor enchants now on prison Mythic. These enchantments are brand new and have not been seen before. To obtain these enchants, players can purchase them through the token shop or through winning them in some of our crates!

Cell Value Mines:
The virtual cell value system is a new way to gain value, which favors grinders! While you mine, you will not only receive the block you mined, but also some cell value from the block mined for your cell! The more expensive the block, the more cell value you'll gain. The higher tier of mine you are mining in, the better the blocks will be for value! Remember, you must be apart of a cell to earn this form of the cell value.

Revised Economy:
With our now op version of our old economy, players will notice a change in the amount of money earned while mining in our mines. This should give prisons a unique/ enjoyable way of showing off their wealth!

There will only be one outpost that will give the cell some exciting boosts. They will receive a sell booster and a token booster for the whole cell.

Classic Backpacks:
That is right! We will be returning to the original system for backpacks! In the upcoming season of Mythic, you can now upgrade your backpack infinitely again.