Important VanityMC: Prison Mythic (Season 5)


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Sep 14, 2018

Prison Mythic

October 19th, at 3pm EST
Check here what time release is for you.

Cell Top
In total, we will be having $575 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.
First Place - $150 PayPal + $90 Buycraft
Second Place - $90 PayPal + $60 Buycraft
Third Place - $70 PayPal + $40 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $30 PayPal + $20 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $25 Buycraft

Prestige Top
Each week the top prestige will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - 10$ Buycraft

Block Top
Each week, the players with most blocks mined will receive $60 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - $10 Buycraft

Backpack Revamp:
When leveling backpacks now, they will have two phases. Once a backpack reaches a certain capacity, a player will be able to prestige the backpack. Each backpack prestige will give you a different boost.
- Blocks have a chance to change to the next tier of block when mined.
- Blocks have a chance to sell for double (stacks with Merchant enchantment).
- Additional sell booster when holding the backpack.
Prestige 1: .5x sell booster when holding backpack
Prestige 2: 15% chance for blocks to change to next tier of block
Prestige 3: 10% chance for blocks to sell for double
Prestige 4: x1 sell booster when holding backpack
Prestige 5: 30% chance for blocks to change to next tier of block
Prestige 6: 20% chance for blocks to sell for double

Pet Revamp:
When a player first joins, they will no longer start with a pet. In the next season of Mythic, players will need to find pets through lucky blocks, crates, crystals, etc. There will be four different pets for players to find throughout their journey to the top on Mythic. A player will only be able to use one pet at a time.
Pet 1: Grants a sell booster
Pet 2: Grants tokens
Pet 3: Grants additional chance to find cell value while mining
Pet 4: Grants additional chance to find treasures while mining

The generator system will be changing for the next season of Mythic. Instead of spawning a block to mine, it will now put the blocks into a GUI to collect. There will be generators for different things other than blocks, such as for cell value.

Reworked Mines:
With the coming season of Mythic, we have sought to totally rework our entire mine system. Some mines will now be different, some mines will now also contain special diamond blocks. These blocks will represent cell value that you will gain upon mining.

Rank Reclaim:
We have heard the requests! After many seasons we will now be introducing the rank reclaim system. If you have a donour rank you will now be able to reclaim for your rank at the start of each season!

Prestige Reward Overhaul:
To give players more reward for their hard works in prestiging, we will be giving the entire system a massive overhaul. This will include better rewards per prestige, and will ensure that the higher prestige you are, the more plentiful your rewards will be!

Juggernaut Event:
Our new classic event, the juggernaut event, will be coming to Mythic next season! This will be the first big boss to be introduced to the realm! The juggernaut boss will spawn in the warzone mine area. Once the boss in defeated, the top 3 players who dealt damage will be awarded.

Envoy Improvements:
In previous seasons of Mythic, the envoy system may have came off as a bit lack luster. To combat this, we will be improving the system as a whole. To make it better worth a player's time, we will start by greatly improving the rewards!

- - - - -

Additional Additions:

  • Added a cell tag prefix.
  • Added a cool down on /fix all.
  • Added logging system for auction house, trades, and trash.
  • Added system to prevent players dropping nether stars, paper, beacons, etc.
  • Added Tokenator and Token Pouch custom enchantments.

Additional Changes:

  • Changed random book item in token shop to give an actual random book instantly now.
  • Changed prestige requirement to also include 10,000 raw blocks mined per prestige.
  • Changed when finding a lucky block it will now instantly go into a player's /redeem system rather than appearing as an enderchest in the mine.

Additional Removals:

  • Removed speed ability from pickaxes in warzone mines.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed players being able to teleport out of combat zones instantly.
  • Fixed multiple display errors in /cell gui.