VanityMC: Prison Turbo (Season 1)


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Sep 14, 2018

Prison Turbo

August 3rd, at 3pm EST

Check here what time release is for you.

If you want to get a general idea of what this super fast season of Prison Turbo is about please check out our trailer below!

Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two rare keys. For more information about re-uploading please join our Discord and look for the #reupload channel!

Cell Top
In total, we will have $1,100, and the weekly earnings increase every week!
Cell sizes: 4 man!
First Place, Week 1 - $200 PayPal
First Place, Week 2 - $250 PayPal
First Place, Week 3 - $300 PayPal
First Place, Week 4 - $350 PayPal

Prestige Top
Each week the top prestige will receive $60 in weekly prizes.
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - $10 Buycraft

Block Top
Each week, the players with most blocks mined will receive $60 in weekly prizes.
First Place - $30 Buycraft
Second Place - $20 Buycraft
Third Place - $10 Buycraft

Revised Economy:
Our new economy system will be fully changed from what you have been seeing before! The new economy system over on Prison Turbo, is for players to figure out what changed and for those who can find out the secrets will rise to the top! Let’s just say, mining is essential to our new competitive prison realm.

Virtual Cell Value:
We have scratched all the previous ideas on how cell value works with beacons, dragon eggs, and sponges. This new Virtual Cell Value system will be all together into a command used by the cell to see how much value they have! All cell value will be into the same bank and can be viewed by any cell! Remember, cell value can not be removed with this system and there will be no way to sell value to your competition anymore! All cell value at the end of each week payout will have a percentage of there bank removed. If your cell couldn’t reach the top that week, the next week should feel a little more fresh of a grind to win your cell top prize! If you are not in a cell you will not be given cell value if you win it from a crate, or earn it through any other ingame means.

Cell Value Ores:
Like we stated before, mining is going to be essential to our new Prison Turbo. With our new Cell Value Ores, these will be ores for you to find in the mine and gather cell value with these blocks. There will be certain blocks in ALL mines that will give cell value! The higher level you are the more blocks you will find in the new mines we offer giving more value for the player. If you are not in a cell you will not receive cell value if you win it from a crate, or earn it through any other ingame means.

New Donor Rank System:
Since this is our new competitive realm we wanted to change how donor ranks work on this realm. All Donor ranks will be monthly ranks and will offer unique perks per what rank you are!

Revised Enchants:
Prison Turbo will be changing how the armour enchants and sword enchants work! We want this to stay as competitive as possible so we wanted to make high tier armour very valuable for the player or cell! The maximum protection for armour will be 4, and sharpness level of 4.

Token Pickaxe:
Our token pickaxe didn't go anywhere over on Prison Turbo but it did receive some changed! You will notice some small changes that the token pickaxe received for Prison Turbo, along with a new leveling system to them!

Personal / Server Challenges:
Prison Turbo will offer personal and server challenges for the player. These challenges will test your prison skills on completing them you will receive some boosts to compete for our cell top 1 position!

New Outposts:
Since Prison Turbo is our new competitive map, we wanted to make the outpost a competitive area to! We will only be having one outpost for this map and will have some boosts like a sell booster and a token boost for your whole cell!

Introducing our new Koth system for prisons! Koth’s will spawn every 8 hours for all cells to try and capture! Capturing these outpost will grant the player who can capture it a koth loot bag that will obtain items like cell points, exclusive pvp gear, cell value and much more!

Pvp Mine Rework:
We will be reworking our pvp mine into an area that players will want to fight for! Players mining in the pvp mine will now receive a token boost while mining in the pvp mine but your tokens earned will not go directly into your account! You must go to spawn to the Token Claim to redeem the tokens you mined. If another player kills you at the pvp mine they will earn all the tokens you mined in the pvp mine that wasn’t claimed by the player.

Prison Pets:
Introducing a new pet system for our Turbo realm! They will work differently than normal pets that are seen typically on Skyblock! Players are able to obtain their very own pet using /kit pet. This will give them a pet which they will then be able to upgrade through the /upgrades menu. When in the menu you will be able to choose from three different pet enhancements to use on their pets. Pets can not have multiple enchants on it so choose wisely on what path you will want to take! To upgrade these enhancements you will be required to spend various amounts of tokens for each of the different upgrades.

Prestige Mines:
As you progress through higher and higher prestiges, you will now unlock exclusive mines that only people on your prestige level can access! Prestige mines will have their own separate areas just like normal mines, and will also contain their own unique set of blocks! There will be a new prestige mine available to you every X amount of prestiges, due to the fact that there is infinite prestiges!

Cosmetic Changes:
Following all the neat cosmetic changes to other realm's setups, we are introducing a new unique set up to how things are shown on Turbo too! With this, we will be introducing a brand new scoreboard, along with a new tab, and new chat messages!


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