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Dec 7, 2018

Skyblock Atlantis

Skyblock Atlantis releases this Saturday at 3PM EST

To check what time release is for you, click here


Payout information
Each island will be required to set their PayPal address using /is setpaypal <email>
This is used to Payout island’s, automatically, each week.

First Place - $225 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Second Place - $125 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $100 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $75 BuyCraft

Island Information

Island size: 20 member
Roster size: 20 members

Create an island using /is create <name>

Atlantis Castle

The castle has been completely reworked from the depths of Atlantis.
The Atlantis castle will reward players based on how long they have captured it - It will take you 5 minutes to capture the Atlantis castle, and a challenger will require 3 minutes to neutralise it

Every 5 minutes, the capturing island will receive $1 million
For every 60 minutes after the initial capture, the island will receive $20 million
After which, every 240 minutes will reward the island with $100 million

Below the outpost, your island will be able to grind skeletons and blazes for OP loot and gear - Only the island that has captured the castle will be able to enter this area.


The Atlantis outpost allows players to fight for progressive loot and items.
The Atlantis outpost will take 3 minutes for an island to capture, and 2 minutes for an offending island to neutralize it.

When holding the outpost, your island will receive a 5.0% chance increase or receiving Crowns
After the outpost has been held for an hour, it will reward an island with 30 crowns per hour

Atlantic Dungeons

Obtain a key to the Atlantic Dungeon and fight to get awesome rewards.
All 4 Dungeon tiers feature unique rewards - Make sure you are prepared to fight...

Finally, beat the Boss to conquer the dungeon

Island Rosters

In a new addition to our newest Skyblock realm, Island members must be added to your Island Roster before they can join the island.

To add a member to your roster, you must use /is roster add <IGN>

Revamped Island Permissions

Island permissions on Atlantis have been completely reworked to allow more granular control over exactly why your Island members can do at each rank.

Now, you can control exactly what every rank can do on your island with ease

New Pets

Atlantis will feature a fully-fledged pets system - Each pet has it’s own perks and custom abilities, which will run for 20 minutes before they have to cool down for 1 hour.

Level your pet up to level 10 to increase your pet’s perks and abilities

Banker: Increase your base sell booster by 0.1.
Each upgrade will increase your booster by 0.02
Miner: Increase your chances of finding crowns, keys, blocks and cash when mining
Each upgrade will increase the chance of finding reward items by 0.01
Farmer: Increase your chance of finding crowns, keys, blocks and cash when farming
Each upgrade will increase the chance of finding reward items by 0.01
Butcher: Increase your chance of finding crowns, keys, blocks and cash when killing mobs
Each upgrade will increase the chance of finding reward items by 0.01
Gifterino: When active, you have a chance to find random loot in a 20 minute period every 60 seconds
Each upgrade will decrease the time between receiving loot by 3 seconds
XP: When active, you have a chance of earning double xp from a mob kill.
Each upgrade will increase your chance of earning double xp by 0.02


Pulled from the depths of Atlantis, try and fight an Atlantis boss.
But, be careful, the Atlantis bosses are as mystical as Atlantis itself, kill one and earn yourself a reward.

Each hour, an Atlantis boss will spawn in the Warzone for you to try and kill.


Stack your island value with ease using our custom blockstack menu

Use /is blockstack to stack Hay, Endstone or Beacon as island value
Alternatively, use the hopper in the GUI to deposit any of the above items in your inventory at once for maximum ease

Player Statistics

Check out all your accomplishments and your statistics throughout the season!
You can view other users' statistics as well!


We’re taking it back with new and improved PvP mechanics. The focus, is on you, fighter.
Combat pets have been removed and broken enchants have been re-worked.

To get a Godset, you will need to grind XP from monsters, because you can no longer obtain XP passively.

Upgradable Pickaxe

Upgrade your pickaxes with /upgrade using our currency crowns gaining you bonuses while mining.

Fortune: Upgradeable to ten levels increasing your loot at the same time

Efficiency: Upgradeable to six levels increasing the speed you mine

Unbreaking: Upgradeable to six levels decreasing the durability your pickaxe endures

Excavator: This new enchantment provides the chance of finding Portal Shards. Upgrading the enchantment up to 20 levels increases the chance to find Portal Shards.

Speed Breaker: This new enchantment provides haste to your pickaxe. Upgrading the pickaxe will increase the haste.

Crown Taker: This new enchantment provides an increased chance to find four crowns per level. It is upgradeable up to 50 levels and every ten levels it increases the crowns that can be discovered

Dungeon Master: With this new enchantment, earn the ability to find dungeon keys. Upgrading it to level 50 will increase the chance to find dungeon keys.

Key Finder: With this new enchantment earn the ability to find three different keys. Upgrading it to level 50 will increase the chance to find these keys

Auto Sell: With this new enchantment, it will automatically sell your inventory. Increasing the level up to 10 will make the process faster.


Deliver the Mermaid goodies and get OP rewards!
Upon pleasing the Mermaid there will be Coral rewards available for collection

The Mermaid can be pleased with 100 fish
After the Mermaid is pleased, the rewards will be delivered 20 minutes later.

Vanity Pass

Grind now and receive exclusive rewards.

Sell Portal

Win or purchase a sell portal and instantly sell any mob type.
Upgrade your portal's Sell Multiplier (Up to 1.7x), the sell chance (From 25% up to 100%), choose to increase the max balance your portal can hold.
You can also view the total told & total claimable using the hologram shown above the portal!

Make sure you are ready to collect the shards needed to upgrade your portal!

Sell Wands

Increase your profits by 200%! All it takes is a simple click to sell a chest.

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looks fun lads. would love to see my hogwarts rank give me some credit or hogwarts ranks transfer cause its been down a while