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May 1, 2019

Skyblock Space
Saturday December 5th, 1PM EST

We are currently giving away 5x Monthly Crates & 3x Vanity Ranks (Join to enter)

Payout Information
In total, we will be having $615 in prizes Weekly. Here is the breakdown.
Each island will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands at the end of the map. This map does NOT have a chosen end date, for this map we will be listening to our community and seeing how long you guys want the map to last!
First Place
- $200 PayPal $150 Buycraft
Second Place - $50 PayPal $100 Buycraft
Third Place - $25 BuyPal $50 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $25 Buycraft
Fifth Place - $15 Buycraft
Island Information
To start your adventure and create an island run the following command: /is create <name>
You may invite up to 12 people on your island through running the command: /is invite <name>
You can check how well your island is doing against other islands through running the command: /is top

Island Member limit: 12 Members
Member kick limit: 4 Per Week
Alternate accounts: No Limit
Account Sharing: DISALLOWED

KoTH & Outpost
You guys asked for it and we delivered! Starting this map we will be having KoTH events daily with rare and worthwhile rewards! The outpost will also be up for grabs 24/7 with incredible boosts that can help your island rise to the top!

Custom Enchants
We will be introducing the alchemist system to custom enchantments. This allows for players to combine low level enchants to create one enchantment at a higher tier. Alongside this system, we have added new enchantment that have never been seen on SkyBlock! These enchants will help improve the experience and competition for KoTHs and Outpost!

Revamped Bosses
Bosses will be making a return to Skyblock Space, fully revamped and renewed, and better than ever! Bosses will have a certain amount of health depending on the difficulty of the boss, the stronger the boss, the better the rewards! Bosses can be obtained through Buycraft, Keys, Crates, Token Shop, Auction House, Reclaims etc.

Revamped Minions
The return of our OG Minions! These minions do it all, from mining, Farming, Grinding to even feeding themselves! This returning minion plugin will allow players to have their minions perform a variety of tasks for them at ease! Additionally, these minions are able to be linked to chests. In doing this, the loot that minions receive from their performed tasks will be automatically sent to a chest. This can be done by right clicking a Minion with a Minion Chest Link and then onto the chest you want their items to be sent into.

Space Suits
For this reset we’ve also completely revamped how cloaks work and added a tonne more features and buffs to them! much like Wands you can obtain cloaks from multiple sources such as Buycraft, Keys, Crates, Token Shop, Auction House, Reclaims etc.

Mob Coins
For this upcoming Skyblock Space season we have added Mob Coins! with Mob Coins you can buy almost anything ranging anywhere from Spawners to Keys & Crates

New Builds



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