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Sep 11, 2018

April 6th, 3 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

Hello, this Saturday at 3 PM EST, all our Skyblock servers will be resetting, with a completely new globally revamped setup. For the past few months, we have been working very hard, on this global Skyblock revamp behind the scenes. Collectively as a team, we are extremely proud & excited about what we have created for the Skyblock community. I strongly recommend logging on this Saturday to try out our brand new Skyblock setup! To get a more comprehensive understanding of this upcoming season of Skyblock please read & view this forum post in full, thanks!

IS-Top (On All Realms)
In total, we will be having $2400 in prizes distrabuted per realm. Here is the breakdown

First Place - $225 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Second Place - $125 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $100 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $75 BuyCraft

Total Skyblock Revamp
We took apart our entire Skyblock code and redesigned it from the ground up. We implemented new backend related changes to help improve with lag, but this change also helps us with customization in the future. This re-write should help with lag and stability improvements. You can check out some new commands below, but make sure to hop online to see the full changes!

Auto Sell Portals
The Sell Portal is one of our brand new features with the Skyblock Revamp. In short, the Sell Portal is an end portal that will instantly kill and sell mobs that fall into it. Once placed, it will take up a small area on your island and a hologram explaining important information will appear above the portal! This portal will auto-sell the mob that it is selected to do so. You can unlock more mobs by using Sky Shards! Upgrading your Sell Portal increases the Chance to Sell, mobs to select, the maximum amount of value it can hold, and so much more! Once placed, just place your spawner above and towards the center of the Sell Portal, and watch that money roll in!

Custom Mob Spawners
At long last, we finally roll out Custom Spawners! You will finally be able to have a spawner that spawns things like pandas to animals like sloths! These work just as normal spawners and can be upgraded, mined with a silk touch pickaxe, and the mobs can be sold in the Sell Portals!

New to VanityMC are Generators! To start, we have a total of three different Generators for you to enjoy. The Token Generator, Spawner Generator, and Orb Generator! Once placed, you can upgrade these over 100 times to increase the effectiveness of the Generators

Upgradeable Armor
You are now able to completely upgrade your own armor! Upgrade things like your protection or even custom enchant levels all on your own using Tokens!

Upgradeable Chests
Why be limited to such small compartments? Your Island and income grow, and so should your chests! Pick up an upgradeable chest and be able to hold up to 25 million items in a single chest! You can upgrade these with tokens!

New Custom Enchants
We have rolled out a huge new list of new custom enchants! From pvp-to utility related enchants, we have enchants for any job! Make sure to login and check them out for yourself!
Rage - sword/axe (combination of hits, increase damage, the combo is broken from being hit back)
Lifesteal - sword (chance to heal for damage dealt, if it proc and you deal 1 heart of damage you heal 1 heart)
Molten - Axe (increase durability dealt too armor, does not go through unbreaking)
Mob Rusher - Sword (increases XP from grinding mobs)
Trap - Sword (chance to cause high levels of slowness)
Wither - Sword/axe (chance to cause wither)
Bleed - Axe (chance to apply a bleed effect for a period of time, while active on a player all attacks are received by 5%)
Daze - bow (chance to stun target)
Velocity - bow (arrow flies faster)
Venom - Sword/Axe (chance to cause poison)
Sturdy - sword/axe (chance to not use durability)
Shadow - Sword (chance to blind)
Vampire - Axes (when proc heals for half of damage dealt)
Fling - bow (chance to fling target back toward your direction)
Hex - Swords (chance to cause nausea)
Swift - swords (chance to give haste 2, when grinding mobs)
Pummel - Axes (chance to slow opponent)
Explosion - bow (arrow explodes on impact; does not go through unbreaking)
Headless - Axes (Drops opponents head, when they are killed)
Drunk - axes (chance to give nausea)
Push - Swords/axes (chance to cause insane knockback)
Animate - chest (increases total health)
Stampede - boots (applies a speed effect)
Beast - chest (gives strength effect)
Nightmare - legs (when hit, a chance to blind opponent, and freeze them in place)
Tank - legs (when shifting user gains resistance and slowness)
Fireproof - legs (gains perm fire resistance)
Curse - helm (chance, when hit, to give nausea and mining fatigue to opponent)
Ender Mastery - legs (throw pearls father)
Slime - boots (takes % less damage from fall damage)
Dodge - Legs (chance to dodge an incoming attack)
Bind - chest, helm, legs, boots (chance to not take durability damage, on the piece)
Swordsman - chest (increase damage with a sword)
Lumberjack - chest (increase damage with an axe)
Astronaut - boots (give a jump boost effect)
Diver - helmet (gives perm water breathing)
Nocturnal - helm (gives perm night vision)
Shock - legs (chance to smite opponents when hit)
Rejuvenation - chest (when you die you heal your allies in a radius)

Rank Kit & Reclaim Revamp
Every Rank has had its respective kit revamped. This should bring more balance to the Kits, and a refreshing feel to using your kit. You can check out these new kits on our Buycraft.

Crate & Monthly Crate Re-Work
Every Crate and Monthly Crate has completely new rewards in them. The rewards should be more fitting for the price point and allows users to receive a healthy lead against their enemies!

Formed on our Factions Realms, Dungeons will be appearing on all the Skyblock Realms! Dungeons is essentially an extensive mob fighting arena with parkour and traps. There are 3 waves which a player must also pass to complete the level. Once the player completes this level of the Dungeon they will move on to the next stage. From there the levels will become harder, and the rewards better!

Revamped Economy
We have heard your requests about the current state of the economy. We have put a lot of time into perfecting a spawner-based economy that will allow players to feel a sense of accomplishment when being able to work towards their goals.

Currency Rework
We have completely re-worked how the currencies work on our new Skyblock setup. Moving forward, this chance should allow a clear path of what currencies upgrade which item. The currencies on this map will now be Sky Shards, Orbs, Money, and Tokens. You can use Orbs to upgrade your generator and Shards to upgrade your Sell Portal

Additional Build Teasers

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Feb 11, 2019
Sick but..... Dungeons still broken you released them last season on factions and they are still broken on both just don't say your going to add it or add it and make sure it works. Please stop over hyping