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    Beha posted the thread Pvp on reset (Gotham) in Suggestions.
    Right now the other realms have a gapple cooldown for pvp and it has made pvp very fun. It would be great if this could be included with...
  • Tjango
    What does blazing I do?
  • Chaotic_Strafes
    Chaotic_Strafes replied to the thread banned.
    Make a ticket on the discord or make a ban appeal on the forums and staff will let you know why they banned you
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    magine that there is nothing by which they can reduce how much. Be that as it may, in no way like this, since this weight-loss...
  • Prizy
    Prizy replied to the thread Castle.
    Please make a ticket here on our discord providing proof of you not receiving your items and we will get them...
  • Prizy
    Prizy replied to the thread Fix Blazes?.
    Noted the bug to higher staff. Sorry for your unpleasant experiences message me in game for a little gift. IGN: Prizy
  • Prizy
    Prizy replied to the thread Walls.
    30 chunk buffers for Demonic realm.
  • Zendia
    Zendia updated their status.
    Staff member on VanityMC Network :D
  • Zendia
    Zendia replied to the thread /redeem isn’t working for me.
    Hi there! If you would go to discord and create a ticket that'd be your best solution to your problem. You'll need to provide evidence...
  • Tjango
    Tjango replied to the thread Walls.
    Awnswer is 30 chunks
  • Tjango
    Tjango posted the thread Walls in Demonic Realm.
    What is the max walls you can put on your base?
  • Tjango
    Tjango replied to the thread Purchase.
    Make a ticket on the Discord server at support
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    Snarls reacted Like to Chaotic_Strafes's post in the thread I'm Snarls.
    Just cause u changed ur name doesnt give you the permission to make another one of these smh -1